[matilda] no borders actions in Sheffield and matilda

fabian fab at in-no.org
Wed Jul 27 16:44:12 BST 2005

Hi there....
the briefly formed group sheffield no-borders will participate in the 
uk wide day of action for the freedom of movement and the right to stay 
on 1.october with a magical mystery tour to be held in Sheffield on 
October 1st. The magical mystery tour took place for the first time in 
Glasgow during G8 mobilisations, have a look at
  and works basically like a tourist style walking tour through the city 
centre, hitting various places and buildings where racist policies are 
implemented through state agents or private cooperations (making 
profits off it) Participating "tourists" are introduced to background 
information about the visited sites.
We hope to create awareness among participants and media about the 
"magical mystery tours" of racist institutions that asylum seekers, 
migrants and other foreigners are forced to go through when they do 
what is most natural and easy for people with "good" passports, 
tourists, managers, the global upper class:  crossing state borders....
the tour is trying to promote the political demand of the abolishment 
of all national borders and immigration controls...e.g. the freedom of 
movement and the right to stay as basic human rights.

As a fund-raiser and in the build up for the magical mystery tour, 
sheffield noboders is planning to do a party on the 9th or 10th of 
October in Matilda, including film screening, hip hop and (hopefully) 
trolleyd soundsystem.
I hope this is cool with Matilda collective and also hope some people 
want to join the party/tour preparations...

Please join the sheff-noborders mailing list at
to get in contact...

all the best


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