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Thu Jul 28 19:59:51 BST 2005

Hello Danny and others,

i am very happy to see that Matilda is walking as well as creeping :-)
but can't contribute with useful work right now, unless you'd need me
for translating or interpreting. ..

The library and video club seem long-term projects that perhaps could
benefit from the dlp library project already going on, users could meet
at Matilda to exchange their books, print a list of all items available and
stick it on matilda wall, mmm?


o just my vote again for mambo option: you can check what i did by
myself here (without any training)

some options are disabled; have a look, completey different from


show how versatile this mambo is i guess



dan at aktivix.org wrote:

> Allo,
> Another idea for website way forward: use Mambo.
> Mambo is a 'content management system' - which means that it can be
> used and edited by a wide range of different people.  For example,
> different collectives could have their own sections, and post their
> own news, images etc.
> It may or may not be too complicated... but here's two examples I've
> set up. One's live, and seems to be working well.  The other is still
> testing...
> www.alacsy.org.uk
> (An 'active learning for active citizenship' site for South
> Yorkshire.  Home Office funded.  Tee hee!)
> http://www.burngreave.net/~dan/ukcohouse
> Demo UK cohousing website.  Not yet live - but illustrates that the
> appearance of the site can be completely separate from the content,
> so we could have the MATILDA site look how we want.
> Could be too much for our needs, not sure.  But could be fun.
> Mozaz doesn't like it coz the HTML is too convoluted.  Bah.
> Thoughts?
> love
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