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R&A robin_amparo at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jul 31 08:01:12 BST 2005

We could start trying with all components of current version of Mambo, i
suggest, eg a Survey Column on how we'd like the website designed, its
contents, etc.
What i particularly like in the mambo as in many other cms : that the
back end as worldwarfree says , is not a closed pilot's cabin or cockpit
so to speak. I would like to contribute with any skill that might be shared!
And like myself, let's hope many others will, so it's possible for
several groups or teams or whatever to be acting at the backend,
contributing staff in an active and creative way.

I like the idea of writing an item about Matilda but perhaps just a
brief note on Indymedia, later on, guiding them to the Matilda website,
so a more dynamic notion is attached to Matilda.

ej...ej... just suggestions, feeling my mind utterly blocked as a writer
in a clear morning/
hearing crows in the silence where
an owl's hooting echoes and re-echoes
like a figurine cut out from sharp absence
like a being who's passed into non-being

So our dreams and our opening-up our eyes again every morning
to a realm (of reality or fiction?)

But dreams lose their lustre as they become realities: as if only their
potential state of becoming something was the hard core, the actual food
that is nurturing our hearts,

and i listen with all my ears, intent on hooking this half moon,
dripping blood -- a scimitar;

and in Lord of the Rings, rusty old days of Albion are portrayed,
will you ever return our saviour, King arthur, before Cornwall is forever
and Prince Charles of Wales loses his kingdom on earth
(A continental platform will be left, full of fish)

struggling to preserve memory, history, memory, under the sea there are
these are the hidden treasures that pirates used to drop
over their shoulders...

"Do not squander your assets" they said// you obeyed and stored them up
Or you disobeyed and wasted.
Or you did and action for non-profit
you performed a deed without intent

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