[matilda] I wanna learn to DJ

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Tue Oct 25 15:37:25 BST 2005


We could also do a workshop on computer music software, including live-playing
tools like Ableton, but that would have to be with Windows systems... eek! Ah
well - the only morally consistent position in a globalised world is to be
amoral/immoral as far as I can tell...

That couldn't start, for my part, until probably the new year - but I think
there are others in MATILDA who could contribute.

But yeah - definitely into a skill-sharing DJ live-music-typa thang.

Note: I think Sheffield Live do DJ workshops too?  And they have in-situ decks,
so that saves shifting stuff about.

The other thing we could think about training on: using a laptop n external
soundcard to mobile-record some of the bands playing, then getting that
produced quickly and stuck up on the MATILDA website for download.

Q for linux-folk: AFAIK, MP3 format is generally not supported coz it's
proprietary.  Linux apps tend to use the ogg-vorbis format for audio...?  Is
that right?

Aaaanyway... see ya!


Quoting Helen and Nick <slendermeans1 at yahoo.co.uk>:

> Anyone connected to Matilda wanna run a DJ workshop
> sometime in November??? I wanna learn and I'm sure a
> few others do...do they??? I do!!!!
> cheers nick
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