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dan thomas audiotino at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 31 12:55:49 GMT 2005

hi, i think the moritorium on publicising matilda may
have been broken, see here

so i am think of posting this as a follow up, any



Hi, good to see the interest in Matilda spreading, But
I think its important for readers to know that Matilda
is much more than just a party space or venue: masses
of people from 16-60 with very diverse backgrounds
attend our centre regularly, with over 30 people
meeting for the monday meeting to discuss ways of
improving and opening up the center. It is a space for
everyone, no matter what age, colour, gender or
sexuality, etc you are

Whats happening...

There is absolutely loads going on, in addition to a
packed gig itinerary, at present we are hosting a
fringe event to ART 05, the Sheffield wide
contemporary art festival, with a massively successful
opening night last Thursday. There is a cafe run by
the café collective which provides good nutritious
food on a number of occasions, but specifically at our
social on Thursdays (7.30 pm all welcome, inc kids)
There is a thriving crafts evening where you can make
things, sew, embroider, knit, etc, there is a fully
kitted out computer lab, a photographic studio, a film
night is planned, showing major labour history and
community struggles films such as the great Matewan.
There is/will be a meeting space/s for groups, (though
not yet complete disabled access) A number of
conferences have also been held there with others
planned. We have workdays for those who just want to
‘muck in’ and get their hands dirty helping develop
and improve matilda infrastructures 

If you have any ideas for events, activities, want to
help. or just want to see what is happening just come
on down to the Mondays meeting or even better the
Thursday Social or the many events

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