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Mon Jul 3 00:33:44 BST 2006

Hi Matilda

Names Marcus,  played lead guitar and had my own walki talkies in your basement last year Re the anti-g8 free party with Johnny Brown and the Resonance 2012 Show. You may or may not remember me. We are a Pagan Anti Capitalist Rock band, and wer'e up for benefits for good causes, we've worked with Rising Tide gn.apc.org and the Rampart social centre in London.

We will be travelling from St Austells, Cornwall,  29th Aug.  Hoping to go up to Leeds for around the  1st Sept, and play at the Climate Camp  ( gn.apc.org ).  Please let us know if you hear of any benefits or anything else we could join in with around that time.

here is our official site.

official http://www.thetell.co.uk

We have material on these other sites

Many Thanks
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