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Mon Jul 10 15:19:08 BST 2006

>From: Tim <sensible_tim at yahoo.com>
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>Subject: Big Wild West Green
>Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2006 13:16:05 -0700 (PDT)
>Hello...just to let you know that this year, people from the Sumac are 
>running a licenced bar at the Big Green Gathering (Somerset, 2-6 Aug).  
>This is the 1st year the BGG has had an alcohol licence, and we've got one 
>of only 3 issued, so we're pleased.  All profits (minus a big chunk which 
>the BGG take as their fee) are going to fund the Climate Camp (in late Aug 
>/ early Sept), so essentially it's a benefit for the Climate Camp.
>The theme (of course there is one!) is "THE LAST CHANCE SALOON", an attempt 
>to convey our steady slide into ecological oblivion, and our small 
>last-ditch opportunity to reverse it, in a light-hearted fashion (hmmm...). 
>  It also means we get to dress up as cowboys/girls, and fire cap guns a 
>We want to make the space a fun place to hang out and drunkenly discuss 
>ecological meltdown, so this is a call for anyone who's coming to the BGG 
>to bring their cowboy hats / costumes, western paraphenalia, line-dancing 
>records (in fact, any CDs/ vinyl of western themes would be good), cap 
>guns, etc.etc.  Anyone who has such things but isn't going, please lend 
>them to some-one who is!  Also, anyone who is able to help make decor, or 
>who could help with a bar shift whilst there, get in touch asap!
>enjoy the summer
>Tim, Nottm.
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