[matilda] video doc about the matilda project

startx startx at plentyfact.org
Tue Jul 18 09:54:28 BST 2006

hello everybody.

i am startx and i'm involved into some media projects such as indymedia
and the plentyfact web collective (http://plentyfact.net)

i was in sheffield last year for a week when matilda started (during
g8 meeting in sheffield) and i talked to chris some weeks ago about it.

there is a radical camp in germany next month (august 4th-14th) against
the upcoming G8 Summit in Germany next year ( http://camp06.org ) and 
i will talk about the experiences in UK during the G8
protest/preperations in 2005.

the idea was to get some video material together about matilda and to
make a short documentary about it to show at the camp and distrubute
it freely to show what happened in matilda during the last year, from
the start until the eviction. 

for that reason i will come to sheffield next weekend and it would be
great if some people would like to give "interviews" about their
experiences with running a centre such as matilda. this could be done
audio only also if people prefer not to be filmed on video. 

if anybody likes to do that, please contact me or chris (indymedia).
if people still have unused footage of matilda (photos as well) it
would be fantastic too. 


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