[matilda] Cooling the Towers is in peril.

Dave Holloway, Medlo medlo at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Oct 1 17:04:34 BST 2006


This is what I think we should do;

We need a press release detailing everything and explaining our argument in clear, concise terminology. This needs to go to every art and news organisation in the country, and a select few across the world. We need to put all the information (the history of the idea, the competition entries, arguments for and against, the council and owners point of view - everything!) in the hands of the people. In these circumstances no-one will ever side with the big company against the little artists and we are virtually guaranteed public support. We need a dedicated website, an online petition and for us all the contact our friends in the media who can push this story.

The radio and the Telegraph were a good start guys, well done - now we need to get you back on the front cover of the Guardian for another story. I'm more than happy to go up to the site with you and shoot and edit a little 5 minute promo that we can spread across youtube, myspace, blogs etc that sets our argument out. 

We really need to emphasise 
a) how much work by the public has gone into this (and by that I mean exploit the stories of classrooms of kids sending in entries, designs from abroad, public support etc)
b) how big organisations like Channel 4, the Guardian and Antony Gormley are completely behind the idea. Oh, and someone get the Arctics to help - nothing backs you up like a big name.
c) how many Sheffield organisations are behind it (just looking through this list of email addresses I see so many names I recognise. If we all put our names, bands, collectives and mailing lists behind the initiative we can hit thousands upon thousands of people in one fell swoop). This needs to be the creative peeps of Sheffield standing together.
d) that regeneration doesn't just mean having more nice new flats for students, it means improving the standing of a city and self-respect of its population. This project would help do that. I'm haunted by the idea that all the people on the M1 ever see is an old industry and Meadowhall. Look what the Angel of the North did for Glasgow... we'd have people visiting Sheffield just to see the towers.
e) that above all else this is a really good idea that had real potential to happen, and it's being ruined by needless economic greed and a complete inability to look towards the long term.

We also need to get posters into every news agents in the county, this should be the no.1 talking point for everybody. Lets all keep abreast of Sheffield Forums and make sure the subject stays at the top - does anyone want to start a Towers-specific blog that keeps the world updated on any developments? Calender News, Sandman, the BBC, Hallam FM, Exposed, the Star, the Telegraph and all those other local publications don't just need to cover the story, they need to be on our side. 

Whenever people ask me what Sheffield is like, I tell them about Go and this incredible idea they had that was about to come to fruition. They can't fail, and we need to give them all the support they need.

Any more ideas?


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  Hello People,


  I was wondering if anyone has a really radical idea, you know so blinking out there that no one has ever thought of it. In fact words don't exist that can describe this idea it is so blinking genius. NO? Oh dear. We're shafted. Again.


  The Cooling Towers. It's another inevitable outcome. It's another stitch up. A done deal. Just like the Leadmill. Just like the E-Campus. Just like the Pop Centre. Just like Matilda. It's a fix I say. You see the establishment loves to see the little men and women get excited about something, only to take it away and smash it up. Death by slow bleeding. Except you don't know your bleeding until your dead.


  What should we do? We should revel in our position of weakness. Our inability to do anything expect watch and gasp. Talk about it in romantic terms of endearment, you know like when you think of old friends, and days gone by. Reminisce about how great they were, how wonderful those cooling towers were, how great it would have been, if only..


  Don't you see?! They can take away the towers, but they can't take away the idea of the towers.. Once they have struck them down, they will become more stronger than they ever were. You know like Obi-Wan Kenobi, only real.


  What should we do? We should leave Sheffield. Escape like rats from a sinking ship. One mans heaven is another man's hell, and this time the balance is tipping the wrong way. Even if they kept the towers, turned them into Sheffield's "Angel of the North", what would be the outcome - gentrification, city living dickheads, rising costs, crime, drugs, prostitution, seafront penthouses.


  Don't you see?! The best thing that could ever happen is about to happen. They'll take away the towers, and we'll be left with nothing. and everything. Wallowing, stricken, smashed on the rocks - and out of the ashes a phoenix will rise. We don't need your poxy f-ing towers. Keep 'em. Grind 'em to dust. See if we really care.


  Even if the towers stayed, and they were made into something wonderful, magical even, imaginations unbound, words cannot explain. those corporate f***ers would come along and claim them as their own. Sheffield's on the map again, Sheffield's the UK's most innovative city, the most creative city - fine, great, wonderful, but you ask yourself - and you know who you are, you Town Hall dwelling suits - what is it exactly that makes Sheffield all that and so much more? Not the buildings, not the posh water features, or the fancy dancy MDF high rise slums of the future wank that excuses itself for architecture these days - no none of that. It's one thing, and one thing alone - the people.


  So people. Are you listening? The question is this - do you fight to win, or fight to lose. And in this particular case what exactly is a win?


  Come you c**ts. Let's have it.



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  Subject: Cooling the Towers is in peril.


  Hello everyone,

  This is Go bothering you again for your support and attention for just a few minutes. Nearly a year ago we were going full whack to try and get the Cooling Towers in Tinsley, Sheffield, to be part of Channel 4' s Big Art Project. Thanks to you lot, we managed to get down to the final 6 winning sites and had the chance to make the Cooling towers project a reality. There was only one problem...Eon (the company that own Powergen). They own the towers, and the land around them, and were not interested in supporting any kind of artwork on the site. They announced that they were going to demolish the towers as they were unsafe. 

  That was then. Now, after several months of site surveys, negotiation and political goings on way above our heads, Eon have come to their final decision. And surprise bloody surprise, they haven't budged an inch. The towers are still meant to be coming down by the end of this year. 

  Eon, clearly, are idiots. They have listed all the reasons why the towers have to come down, but have failed to choose very valid ones. They claim that the majority of Sheffield is in favour of the towers being demolished. What they have overlooked, is that their survey is of 500 people, with only half of that (250) favouring demolition. If their maths is as good as ours, then they have forgotten the fact that nearly 500 of you, including local councillors and Antony Gormley, nominated the towers for the Big Art Project. In my book, that's a few more. 

  They also claim that their plan will bring more jobs to the area. Oh dear, they're wrong again. Will they never learn? Building a massive Toys R Us or whatever they go for, will not usher Sheffield into a Golden Age of economic happiness. Whereas, potentially, an internationally acclaimed artwork, and new icon for the city, might just attract a bit of attention and investment. 

  Clearly, I should be mayor.

  We wanted to tell you all this because you are the ones who helped us get this far, and we couldn't have done it without you. You deserve to find out like this rather than reading it in the papers. 

  But we may need to call upon your good nature again at some point soon. We're not willing to let some goon from an electricity company tell us that Sheffield is not worth it. We're not willing to let someone without even the tiniest bit of vision stop us after we've come this far. Without meaning to get all OTT and melodramatic, this is war. 

  It's The People versus. Eon will wish they'd never started on us. We're double hard and all that. The thing is, who determines what our landmarks should be? Who chooses the way we want our city to be? Who decides what to do with our icons? 

  We don't think it should be some suit who doesn't get it.

  This city is yours.

  We'll be in touch.

  Go x
  GO Sheffield

  Post-industrial City Lovers 

  >>>> www.dontgo.co.uk 


  We're sending you this email because we think you'll be interested, and because you're extremely patient and good-natured. If you don't want to receive emails from us, let us know. Big love. DON'T SLEEP ON SOUTH YORKS x 


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