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This is Sheffield calling. Our city needs your help.

We've had an idea to change the way the world sees Sheffield. To make our
city better. It's a project called Cooling The Towers. But it's all under
threat. Please take five minutes to read this email. Then forward it to
everyone else.

This is the best idea Sheffield ever had.



There are two cooling towers on the edge of Sheffield, next to Meadowhall
and the M1.

Currently they mean grey, industrial, Full Monty. Sheffield is over.

We want to turn them into massive works of public art that mean what
Sheffield is now: green, creative and different. And amazing.

We've been working on this for two years and from running an initial
competition for ideas in our fanzine GO ( www.dontgo.co.uk
<http://www.dontgo.co.uk>), we're now working with Channel 4 as one of the
winners of their Big Art Project ( www.channel4.com/bigart). Channel 4 love
the idea, and have applied for funding to make it a reality. This is
possible. We're almost there.

BUT there's a baddy in the story. They're a big baddy. The owners of the
site are called Eon. They own Powergen. After four months of negotiations,
and all our arguments for why this is a good idea (which you can find on our
website) <http://www.dontgo.co.uk> they've decided to knock the towers down
and build another industrial shed.

Sheffield wins again.

We think this is too good an idea and too good a chance for Sheffield to
just give up, and let them have their way. Knocking these towers down will
be a tragedy.

So we need your help.


What if you're not from Sheffield? This still affects you. It's just another
example of A Big Corporation with no brains doing what they want and
ignoring people like you and me. We're not luddites and we're not
revolutionaries. We've just got a good idea and they're not interested in
listening. Who decides how our cities develop, what they mean? Us or them?



SIGN THIS PETITION. Someone's already set a petition up. You can see how
strongly people feel. Sign it here
GO TO OUR MYSPACE. We're working on a proper website, but for now this is
the digital HQ. This is where you'll information and updates. Be our friend.
Get your friends to be our friends. www.myspace.com/coolingthetowers

EMAIL EON. Tell them why they're wrong. For some sample text, click here.
Email the chief exec here: paul.golby at eon-uk.com That's Dr Paul Golby to
you. Evidently he's not got a doctorate in Doing The Right Thing. It only
takes five minutes. Do it now.

TURN EON OFF. If you're a customer, tell them you'll change power suppliers
if the towers are knocked down. In fact, just do it now. Why not go a bit
greener? Eon produce more CO2 every year than the whole of Croatia. Change
to Ecotricity www.ecotricity.co.uk/switch

SHOW YOUR FACE. We're going to create a photographic petition. As well as a
list of names, we want to actually show the world how many people support
these towers and this project. So if you do, take a picture of yourself, or
the towers, or of you holding the phrase 'THE TOWERS ARE OURS' and send it
to us with your name and location. We'll put it on the website. And tell
your friends to do it too. Send it here go.sheffield at gmail.com


We love this city so much. We're not going to sit back and watch it lose out
again. We're tired of Sheffield being the loser. We want people across the
world to know what this city means, realise how brilliant it is.

We don't want another toys r us.

Please help us.

Love from

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