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hi - details below about national day of action on monday - 
amongst other things in sheffield we'll be leafletting outside the royal bank of scotland at 1pm on monday, if you want to come along.
if you can't come, maybe send them an email or fax on monday as this will give more weight to the direct action happening.
cheers julie x
National climate protests against Royal Bank of Scotland, ‘The Oil and GasBank’ 12 October 2007For immediate release On Monday, Royal Bank of Scotland branches and offices around the countrywill be targeted by climate activists to highlight the bank’s massiveinvestment in the oil, gas and aviation industries. The protests are a follow-up to August’s high-profile Camp for ClimateAction at Heathrow (1), and have been called for by the UK Rising Tidenetwork (2). ‘On Monday, our actions will show RBS that their role in financing climatechange is now in the public spotlight. We’ll be making sure that RBScustomers, staff and the public know that RBS, more than any other bank,is providing the financial fuel driving climate change’, said SusanDempsey, an activist from Manchester. RBS calls itself the ‘Oil and Gas Bank’, and is the primary UK funder offossil fuel extraction. RBS provides oil companies with the capital tobuild and operate drilling rigs, pipelines and oil tankers in some of themost sensitive and unstable places in the world. Through Aviation Capital,RBS financing allows airlines to expand their fleets and put more moreplanes into the skies. The thirty oil and gas finance deals RBS signed between 2001 and 2006 willcreate 655 million tonnes of carbon emissions over the next 15 years,which is more than the UK’s entire annual emissions. (2) ‘Banks like RBS who profit handsomely from climate-destroying projectshave stood in the shadows for too long, but they are as guilty as the oilcompanies. If carbon dioxide molecules had corporate tags ofresponsibility, the atmosphere would be full of RBS logos mingling withthose of BP, Exxon and Shell’, said Martin Redfern, from London. More than 20 protests are expected in towns and cities across the UK. Apress release will be issued on Monday containing a summary of the day’sactions. ENDS Contact for interviews: 07961 917 535, info at risingtide.org.uk 1. The Camp for Climate Action took place from 14-12 August 2007 nearHeathrow Airport. www.climatecamp.org.uk 2. Rising Tide is a grassroots network that takes creative direct actionagainst the root causes of climate change. www.risingtide.org.uk 3. Source: ‘The Oil and Gas Bank: RBS and the financing of climatechange’, Platform/Friends of the Earth/Bank Track/People and Planet/NewEconomics Foundation, 2007. www.peopleandplanet.org/dl/ddd/rbs_report.pdf 
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