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Tue Jan 15 11:24:26 GMT 2008

This project is one of many manifestations of the underground network
through which we work to realize these daydreams, to take the reigns of
our lives and make our history rather than using the same energy to insist
we are being made by it. If you have illicit ideas and intentions of your
own to share, you’re invited to join us here. In the old days of urban
paranoia co dot uk we had a reading page we aim to bring it back home
meantime enjoy our last few years of simply takeing images

Pretentious Artist launch The Campaign Against Primate Change.. As working
class (high-primates)we are tired of hearing about Climate Change (the
over consumption of the priviledged classes). From the evolution of human
kind and the moment of enlightenment our Earth, our Mother, has been
exploited by the caretakers of her earth.

Our evolution was an agreemenet with our Mother and our Earth to act
responsibly, with love, understanding and basic kindness to all other
primates along with this earth we live upon.

>From our evolution we have not only failed our Earth, our Mother, but
other primates and living creatures, we have become selfish, exploitative
and moved away from the basic principles of Nihililism to a world of

The Campaign Against Primate Change is not another victim of political
correctness, we simply believe in the basic ethics of Nihililism and
treating each other as an equal no matter their process of evolution,
colour, sexual orientation, female or male and class. We extend this to
our Earth, our Mother.

Pretententious Artist is about the subject of urban and bucolic
exploration, a subject dedicated to the subversion of space via the
exploration of local places in which capital is temporarily absent or in
which capitalist functionality is suffocated by the presence of the
marvellous. Moments of connection with Mother Earth, with the absence of
the urbanparanoia.

Here you will find images of what we are losing, how the marvellous Mother
Earth reclaims the urbanparanoia with her flora from the man-made
utilitarian functional structure of Redmires Reservoirs, to the soon to be
demolished Cooling Towers of Tinsley.

Urban and Bucolic exploration has placed us back in touch with the earth
and now we feel the time is right to stop the evolution of Man (and
Woman), a time to return back to this earth and embrace her, after all,
tree hugging is for life not just for christmas.

Harold Saxton Burr (neuro-anatomist) discovered the electro dynamic force
fields of living organisms. He showed each species and subspecies of plant
has its own pattern. He scientifically proved that trees show a daily
rhythm, minimum in the early morning and maximum in the evening. Their bio
electrical fields react to the phases of the moon and the solar
cycle.Trees show an annual rhythm, minimum in april and maximum in
september. The turning points of the annual rhythm are the equinoxes.
Czech scientist Vladimir Rajda proved that it was possible to heal sick
trees by raising their electrical currents back to normal levels. In this
context treehugging no longer seems ridiculous. A person's physical
distance from the electrically active layers of xylem and phloem is only a
few centimetres at most so that real energy exchange is inevitable. So the
so called "hippy" treehuggers are not only raising their own
vibration and healing themselves but are also helping our trees to be
healthy. So get off here and go hug a tree

You can contact and keep up to date with The Campaign Against Primate
Change at worldwarfreeatriseupdotnet please accept our apologies for the
lack of humour in this communique, as nihilists we understand reality is
just an illusion, a conspiracy to keep us under their control, and we are

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