[matilda] Get along to your big Barclays NHS-in!

Jason lejasonman at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 17 15:31:00 UTC 2011

 Hi all, call for this Saturday's Uncut demo, feel free to forward, gather
outside the Town Hall at the top of Fargate at 12 midday,
  (around about the green arrow...  http://tinyurl.com/sheffbailin1902)

*NHS Theme - bring along your bandages and injuries! *
There will be a face painting service for the walking wounded, Barclays A+E
is free for a short period only.

*Flyers and placards*
Please please print out as many flyers as you can. It's much more effective
if people are handing out and talking to passers-by about why the banks need
to be stopped. Bankers bonus special £10 million Bob Diamond notes for
printing (don't worry about cutting round the notes, just get em divided
into three!)

If you fancy making a placard / bit of cardboard with writing on, then go
for it. Have a look at the Uncut site for ideas.

To keep your spirits up, you could bring some songs to sing. If you fancy
revising / penning some of your own then do it!

(to the tune of Walking in a winter wonderland) They caused the crash, from
greedy ambition, Just took the cash, they don't listen, Pay packets up, As
our hospitals shut, Living in a bankers wonderland.

Now we've got cuts, from the Coalition, The banks are safe but, something's
missing, public services gone, economy bombed, Living in a bankers

(to the tune of Daisy Daisy) Barclays, Barclays, give me your answer do,
You're so greedy, it don't really seem true, You pay out a ten million pound
bonus, Then say you've got nothing to loan us, You caused the crash so give
us your cash, Just a billion quid will do.



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=197384773621224
Email: sheffielduncut at gmail.com
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