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RE: Daily Asylum Policy newsletter

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A key, indispensable, unparalleled, one-stop service on asylum, 
anti-racism, immigration, oppression, conflict, war and human rights

Many thanks for subscribing to our E-mail newsletter service.

You will recieve no more than two emails per day, occasionally 
we may send more than two emails per-day, but this will be the 
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You can always cancel your subscription to these emails by 
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Subscribers receive UK and World news direct to their email 
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     - Conflict, Oppression, Violence and War 
     - Immigration controls 
     - Campaign news 
     - Country of origin information 
     - Forthcoming conferences, meetings and events 
     - Job vacancy, internship and volunteer opportunities 
     - Legal and policy updates, with access to briefings, 
        court judgements, parliamentary news etc 
     - New and forthcoming books, publications and journal articles 
     - New websites and associated resources 
     - Newsletter updates from others 
     - Press releases and annoucements from government and ngo's 
     - Occasional discount offers for subscribers 
     - Research news 
     - Thematic resources on specific issues, such as human trafficking 

Sources of funding for ngo's and community organisations
and lots more information relating to asylum policy. 

Frank Corrigan

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