[noborders-brum] Birmingham Noborders Minutes 13:4:06

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Fri Apr 21 15:55:49 UTC 2006

Hey sorry bout the delay, couldn't find all the minutes i took but i've got the
agenda, so i've tried to fill in the blanks so to speak. If anyone could add a
bit more or correct what i've done, it would really be appreciated.


Birmingham Noborders Minutes 13:4:06

1. Quick Noborders demo at Harmondsworth debrief .

We only need £30 to reimburse the full cost of the coach down to the demo at
Harmondsworth. Thanks to the many individuals including ARC for donating £50,
and the Wrekin Stop the War group who contributed £20 to the cost of the coach.
Both groups need emailing from our email account to acknowledge these

2 . Visits to detainees – discussed regularly going to Campsfield detention
centre near Oxford to visit people there.
Bail Surety – discussed getting a network of people together with adequate
savings to guarantee surety. Vouchers are being swapped for cash but we need
more people to get involved.

3. Outreach stall – next to FnB on Saturday. Need to redo fliers and get them

4. MayDay – proposal to do something around refugees right to work on Mayday in

5. Celebrating Sanctuary during Refugee Week. 

Discussion about the euphemistically titled event, Celebrating Sanctuary. The
event still seems to be mostly financed by the Angel Group, a NASS
accommodation provider, who are being investigated by the Home Office.
According to the local press in Leeds they have exploited refugees by
overcrowding them into poor quality housing and denying them heating and
electricity. It’s contradictory to say the least that a corporation like the
Angel Group, who are Asylum Profiteers, are the main sponsors of an event like
‘Celebrating Sanctuary’. Proposal to email and perhaps meet the event
organisers and draw more attention to the Angel Group’s past record in the hope
that they will source the events income from other sponsors with far more


Angel Group: far from Angelic

 6. Proposal to call a demo at Solihull’s reporting centre in solidarity with
the hungerstrikers at Colnbrook and now Haslar detention centre and as part of
the NoBorder Global Days of Action during April. Friday April 28th at midday
was decided. FnB may provide food at the demo.

7. Fundraiser – proposal to raise some money through a series of gigs starting
in May. Contact Greg and Joel to help put on a gig at the skate park in Balsall

8. June 10th – Alternative Telford event – need speaker from Noborders to talk
at event.

9. Drop Beats not Bombs – films, speakers, stall proposed.

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