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Do we want to sign up?

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Hi Dave

You left out the following UK supporting groups from your draft call-
out - Closedown Campsfield, Barbwire Britain, Stop Deporting Children
and Glasgow NoBorders

New groups keeping signing up both from across Europe and beyond-

For a recent list of supporting organisations see below-

Full text of the call for action from the Athens ESF 2006 can be
found here: http://www.noborder.org/item.php?id=372

If people want to add  support this call, either as a group or as
individuals, they can add their name to the list of signatories by
mailing Hagen at frassainfo at kein.org
Also copy London NoBorders at  noborderslondon at riseup.net into the
message so we are aware here in London / UK  that you've added your name

For a round-up of the 2005 day of action check out the links at:

and for some nice photos of the london demo see:




love, greg x

Signatories as of 5th August 2006:

no-racism.net | euromayday Vienna | révolté | Infoladen Salzburg

Association Interfricaine pour la Promotion et la Défense des Droits
des Réfugiés et Demandeurs d'Asile (AIPDRDA) | Le Conseil Africain
des Actions Concertées (CAFAC) | Le Réseau des Alternatives Dette et
Développement (RECADD)

Association des Amis des Familles et Victimes des Migrations
Clandestines (AFVMC), Doula;

Action Canada pour la Population et le Développement | Coalition
d'Appui aux Travailleurs et Travailleuses Agricoles migrants

Congo (RD):
Groupe des réflexions et d' appui pour la promotion rurale (GRAPR);
Nouvelles alternatives pour le développement (NAD)

Cote D'Ivoire:
Mouvement Ivorien des Droits de la Jeunesse (MIDJ) | Reseau Ouest
Africain pour le Developpement(ROAD), Abidjan | Association de
Soutien à l'Auto Promotion Sanitaire Urbaine(ASAPSU), Abidjan

Avà Basta, Corse | Association des travailleurs maghrebins de France
(ATMF) | Réseau IPAM | PCF et son réseau "Migrations et citoyenneté |
Association des Marocains en France (AMF) | GISTI (groupe
d'information et de soutien des immigrés)

Refugee Councils from Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein,
Hessen | Action-Alliance against Deportations, Rhine-Main | no one is
illegal, Hanau | Cafe Exil Hamburg | AGIS Darmstadt | Caravan for the
rights of refugees and migrants, Munich | NoLager Bremen |
Kooperative Flüchlingssolidarität Hannover | Voice Refugee Forum Jena
| Initiative against the chipcard system, Berlin

Network for Social Support to Immigrants and Refugees | Network for
Political and Social Rights | Antiracist Initiative of Thessaloniki
Turkish Minority Moovement for Human and Minority Rights | Greek
Migrants Forum

Tavolo Migranti | ARCI | Associazione Todo Cambia, Milano

Mali: CAD | Association des Initiatives de Developpement (AIDE), Bamako

La confédération des élevés étudiants et stagiaires africains au
Maroc | Pateras de Vida | Association des Sans papiers et des
Démandeurs d'Asile au Maroc (ASDAM) | réfugies sans frontiere | alter
forum | Attac Maroc | Chabaka Tanger | Association Africa Maghreb
pour le développement Maroc, Nador| Collectif des refugiés au Maroc |
Réseau des associations de quartier du grand Casablanca | Conseil des
Migrants Subahariens au Maroc

Association Mauretanienne de Droits de l'Homme (AMDH)

"All included" | La plateForme Intercontinentale des MRE, Amsterdam

Le Réseau National Dette et Developpement (RNDD)

Coordinadora de Inmigrantes de Málaga (CIM) | Casa Argentina de
Málaga | Federación de Inmigrantes de Marbella | Centro Social-Casa
de Iniciativas, Málaga | Colectivo Entránsito, Málaga | Red Precari at s
en Movimiento | Oficina de Derechos Sociales, Sevilla | Caravana
Ninguna Persona es Ilegal, Sevilla | Indymedia Estrecho | Asociación
Cultural La Dinamo, Madrid | Ateneu Candela Terrassa | Col.lectiu
Intercultural de Terrassa | Colectivo Desequilibris | Casa de
Nicaragua de Terrassa | El Frijol Rebelde (Soli Guatemala) |
Tejedoras de Redes | Federación Centro de las Culturas| Partido
Humanista  | CGT-Andalucía| Colectivo Zapatista de Granada | ESPAI
Barcelona) | Asociación Humanista Bakau  | Plataforma de Solidaridad
con los Inmigrantes /Málaga | Asamblea por la Regularización sin
Condiciones / Barcelona | Sindicato de Obreros del Campo (SOC) /Almería

United Kingdom:
The Campaign to Close Campsfield | Barbed Wire Britain | Noborders
London  | No Borders Glasgow | Stop Deportations to Iraq | Stop
Deporting Children |  Migrants Support Network | London Against
Detention | No One is Illegal | Latin American Workers Association

European Organisation and Networks:

France: Jérôme Dablain, Anaik Pian, zita.trancart, Pierre Cordelier,
Huguette Cordelier, Hyacinthe ROBERT, Sylvain George, Jean Claude
Mavungu, Zine-Eddine Mjati | Maroc: Hamid Harbal, Mina Tafnout |
Suisse: Francisco Merlo

On 13 Aug 2006, at 15:34, DAVIDLANDAU9 at aol.com wrote:

> Please find attached leaflet I was asked to draft for the
> demonstration which can also be used as an initial leaflet until we
> have finalised details.  Any suggestions for improvement for later
> versions welcome as well as ideas on graphics/design etc.
> I know that some lists won't take attachments but I am unable to
> cut and paste it into the e-mail (don't ask!!).  So if somebody is
> able to to do that on their computer and send a readable copy
> around such lists, that will be great.
> Dave Landau
> <7Octoberleaf.doc>

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