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Subject: This Festive Season?
From:    "John O" <ncadc at ncadc.org.uk>
Date:    Thu, December 14, 2006 3:40 am
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  NCADC News Service

This Festive Season?

If your immigration status is insecure

Stay out of cars/stay out of detention

 From next Monday 18th December through to January 4th there will be
extra police checks on cars. If police stop a car they are more than
likely to check the details of all the occupants of the car not just
the driver. Police will run the names through their national
database; the database contains details of persons that the
Immigration & Nationality Department (IND) has an interest in.

If your name comes up as of being of interest to IND, you may well be
detained and taken to the nearest police station. IND will be
informed that you have been detained and IND will them make a
decision as to whether to instruct the police to hold the person
pending transfer to a detention removal centre.

Warning solicitors and advocacy groups will be very thin on the
ground over the festive season; most will shut up shop on the 22nd
December through to 2nd January 2007. Some will close down earlier
and open back up later.

NCADC will as ever be providing emergency cover throughout the period
to advise friends of persons detained what actions if any can be

Please be clear that if you need to contact NCADC it must be by email
first with *full details of the person you are trying to help, email:

ncadc at ncadc.org.uk

Followed by a phone call to 0121 554 6947 to check we have received the email

We will require the following information of any person you are
seeking help for, their

Full name

Date of birth

Home Office Reference number

Home Office Port Reference number

Same details for any family members

If a failed asylum seeker a copy of their Home Office letter of refusal

Their location

Phone number of their:

Solicitor including their emergency number

MP including their emergency number

Doctor (if there are any persistent medical problems with any member
of your family or yourself)

Numbers of any friends/support group/campaign group

Please be clear NCADC will only offer advice as to what you can do,
we will not under any circumstances be able to intervene personally
in any cases, will not be able to ring persons in detention.

End of Bulletin:

Source for this Message:

Please note: NCADC does not provide 'Immigration Advice' as defined
in section 82, Part V of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, such
advice is subject to regulation by the Office of the Immigration
Services Commissioner (OISC).

Therefore the contents of this message should under no circumstances
be seen as 'Immigration advice'.

If you are looking for legal advice relating to:

The contents of this message

A substantive asylum claim,

Application to appeal,

Application for bail,

Removal or deportation from the UK,

Application for judicial review,

Application or variation of entry to the UK,

Making a fresh asylum claim.

Nationality or citizenship application,

Admission to the UK under Community law,

or any issues relating to immigration/migration:

You need to seek the advice of an immigration solicitor or registered
immigration advisor.

All information on our website or information distributed by email is
for  'Sign posting' only.

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