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Hi All,

I've started a post on the No Borders discussion boards, about the gathering 
on 11th/12th March, with some of the workshop ideas that have been suggested 
so far.  If anyone has more ideas or wants to contribute to ideas that have 
been suggested already, please add to the thread:


Also, please let us know if you're still coming & if you need accommodation. 
  If people have big problems affording getting to London, please let us 
know & maybe we can help a bit.


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>I agree the IOM should be targetted. Don't they have other offices? I know 
>there is one in Liverpool. Maybe another direct action would be a 
>co-ordinated occupation of NASS offices nationally. steve
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>>I'd also suggest another one against the IOM in London. I mean, since a
>>lot of people will be there anyway :)
>>>Can I suggest one of the items for the No Border meting should be to zap
>>>the Labour Party conference in Manchester in the autumn?  Hopefully there
>>>will be some anti deportation demo outside it but it would be good to 
>>>some direct action inside! Steve Cohen
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