[noborders-brum] RE: [noborderslondon] conatct details of no borders groups

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Wed Feb 22 15:22:22 UTC 2006

Hmm, vouchers issuedd by the landlord! This is weird. Are you sure this is
not temporary, i.e. pending being issued with a new ARC or something?

Yes, Birmingham Refugee Council doesn't seem to do much these days - I
think the Home Office has cut down their funds.

Yes, of course, send us her contact details and we'll be happy to do
whatever we can. Well, we don't have any resources either. All I could
think of is try to secure some transportation to Solihull every week until
it's resolved. I don't have a car myself, but hopefully there will be
someone who has.

Meanwhie, I think NASS and the HO should be contacted and made aware of
the situation - though I doubt they would do anything about it. If she has
a solicitor, it might be worth asking him to do it on her bahalf.

I'm CCing our list so other people know about this.



sara b wrote:
> Hi Shiar,
> I just had a call from a woman I know who's an asylum seeker living in
> Birmingham.  She's having some problems because although she's been given
> housing, she's currently only being issued with vouchers to live on,
> instead
> of cash.  She has to sign on at a reporting centre every week and needs
> cash
> to get there, so this is making her life difficult.
> she contacted birmingham refugee council for help, but they said to speak
> to
> her landlord who issues the vouchers.  I'm going to send her a bit of
> money
> for the time being, but we don't have the resources to do this longterm.
> i wonder if birmingham no borders would be able to help in any way, maybe
> by
> contacting her and offering support with this matter.  or maybe if
> vouchers
> are a policy of birmingham local authorities & other people are also in
> this
> situation, campaigning on this issue & trying to put pressure on the
> council.
> anyway it would be great if you could talk about it.  if you want her
> number
> to get in touch with her and find out more then let me know & i can pass
> you
> her number.
> cheers
> sara

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