[noborders-brum] [scbrum] Social Centre Meeting 7.30pm @ the MAC this Thursday

mike-d at riseup.net mike-d at riseup.net
Tue Jul 4 22:26:59 UTC 2006

I think we should try and do both? It's just that Wednesday was a bit
short notice and there is the Solfed meeting on Friday. Should we change
the time of the SC meeting to later?

See you Thursday,


> Finally this happening! Great, and well done to those who initiated this
> :)
> There is, however, a little thing that i couldn't help noticing. The
> meeting is called for Tursday 7:30, which is when both NoBorders and
> Indymedia usually meet up. Shouldn't you at least have cosulted them
> before using their lists to call for a meeting that would inevitably mean
> theirs is not gonna happen?
> See you on Thusday,
> --
> Shiar
> Mike wrote:
>> Hello Everyone!
>> Firstly the usual apologies for anyone who has received this email
>> multiple times due to being subscribed to different lists, and me
>> accidentally hitting the 'send' button a bit too early.
>> A new Social Centre is soon to open in Birmingham and a meeting is
>> planned
>> to discuss it's purpose and inception. The meeting will also provide a
>> platform for everyone to suggest, discuss, and prepare any ideas they
>> have
>> to benefit the Social Centre such as:-
>> -Activities
>> -Workshops
>> -Screenings
>> -Meetings
>> -Social outreach
>> -Literature
>> It will take place this Thursday 6th July at 7.30pm at the MAC.
>> There are plans to set up a wireless media lab for the Social Centre
>> (there are already 4 PCs and one monitor available) - if anyone can find
>> any additional equipment, especially monitors that would be a great
>> help.
>> There has been a lot of interest in this project, and the more people
>> who
>> get involved the better it will be!
>> See you all there,

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