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Mon Jul 17 15:23:15 UTC 2006

> From: "Sarah Parker" <sarahp107 at hotmail.com>
> Date: 17 July 2006 01:28:32 BDT
> Subject: Urgent: Iraqi Kurds in Hull to protest sackings and
> threatened removal to Iraq
> Dear friends,
> Please circulate this message and take whatever other action you
> can to publicise and build support for this demonstration over the
> next 6 days. These people's struggle shows exactly why the debate
> in the media and labour movement around an amnesty for irregular
> migrants needs to be turned into a real campaign against New
> Labour's policies and for public support for migrants' rights. The
> Iraqi Kurds in Hull are showing the way forward, please assist them
> if you can.
> Thanks very much,
> In solidarity,
> Sarah Parker
> Coalition to Stop Deportations to Iraq
> against Home Office plans to resume deportations to Iraq
> Let Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers keep their jobs
> Hundreds of Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers in the city of Hull are
> being sacked from their jobs. Their employers have suddenly  told
> them: “You are  illegal in this country and  you should contact
> the Home Office”. These same Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers
> previously had permission to work and they worked for more than 3
> or 4 years, and now they don’t know what to do. The Home Office
> has asked them to contact the IOM to go back to Iraq
> “voluntarily” when they have just settled in England.   Join our
> demo to stop the new policy against Iraqi Kurdish asylum seekers.
> At least 7,000 Iraqi asylum seekers, many of whom have been settled
> in the UK for more than five years, face imminent removal and are
> now living in a climate of fear. In response, the International
> Federation of Iraqi Refugees (IFIR), which has over 1,000 members
> among Iraqi asylum seekers, is supporting the asylum seekers’
> demonstration in Hull. IFIR expects over 500 Iraqi Kurdish asylum
> seekers and members of the IFIR to gather at Pearson Park at 12
> noon on Saturday 22 July 2006 and then march to the BBC at 1
> o’clock.
> The asylum seekers urgently need your support: with your support
> this policy can be reversed. We are calling upon all of you to come
> and join us in our
> demonstration in an effort to stop the deportation of thousands of
> Iraqi asylum seekers.
> IFIR is calling:
> •	For a halt to plans to deport Iraqi asylum seekers
> •	For Iraqi asylum seekers to be granted leave to remain in
> Britain as victims of war
> •	For the immediate release of all detained Iraqi asylum seekers
> •	For Iraqi asylum seekers to be entitled to the same rights to
> work and benefits as other British residents
> Protests
> Hull: BBC. 1pm - till late in the evening  on Saturday 22 July
> For further information, please contact :Hussan on 07746075312

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