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Subject: B'ham; help needed
From:    "chiara lauvergnac" <chiara_lauvergnac at yahoo.co.uk>
Date:    Fri, July 21, 2006 12:07 pm
To:      "Shiar" <shiar at riseup.net>

Hi, there is a man I helped out of detention, now refused again and living
on the streets after NASS threw him out.

Can you help, or I'll get him to London? Pleanty of room at the still
occupied social centre in Russell Square...but maybe he prefers to stay in
Brum. His name is Paulo from Angola mobile 07944752646, nice man.Very
sorry now, I was so happy when he came out, after 1 year in detantion and
5 removals cancelled....

Chiara 07940 143983 London NoBorders


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