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Voice Refugee Forum, Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA


"She will ask me to raise up my hands in the air, then she will use the
wand to hit me several times waiting for my comment which while never
come, then she will ask me to turn my back still keeping my arms in the
air. In this position where I can not see her, she will again use the wand
machine to hit...

I am not going to EAT nor DRINK until I see her sacked.

I have not been eating for the past 3 days and the I have also made a
complained to the centre manager. She must be sacked because she is a
Racist and a Bully. "

- Colnbrook Detainee


Also bullying on a nationalist scale by the press contuinues - see
Colnbrook Detainees statement against NOTW report 'Asylum Madness in the


Emman Fatah was removed to hospital after 7 days on hunger strike at
Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre for the visit of the Home Secretary
on Wednesday 30th May 2006.

The visit comes as the government are being asked why there have been 5
serious suicide attempts in as many weeks at the detention centre which is
now notorious for brutal abuse of prisoners, many of whom have not been
tried for any crime. Colnbrook , known as Britain’s Guantanamo Bay, saw
its last suicide attempt 3 days ago when Matadi Kidinga Christian was
beaten by 4 officers and slashed his wrists as an attempt to escape the
horrors of illegal captivity.

The Home Secretary, flanked by 4 body guards toured the detention centre
near Heathrow and talked to some detainees. When the detainees complained
about racist abuse they were told that that neither the Press nor Human
Rights agencies would be of any help to them against the Immigration
regime of the country.

Recently Colnbrook management has changed their methods and the way the
centre is being run. Presumably they have been instructed by the UKIS to
put more stress and pressure on detainees so majority of people will get
frustrated and agree to be send back and then either be killed or join the
rebel or Loyal forces in the fight to kill innocent and poor people in the
countries they have fled - Congo, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and many
more. The so-called Immigration Removal (sometimes even labelled
"Reception") Centres are thus increasingly resembling CONCENTRATION CAMPS

"We are like animals kept in the zoo said one detainee they bring tourist
to come and watch us, led by their tour guides as they introduce and show
detainees to tourists."

Last week, while detainees were in the IT room communication to and with
their Solicitors and families, two professional camera men were brought in
to take photos and pictures of detainees.

"There are a lot more things you guys need to be told then you can imagine
how we are feeling here inside Colnbrook IRC. Yes you can only imagines
how and what are talking about but the feeling can not be the same, NO."

Peopole who speak out continue to get beaten and put into solitary
confinement as the abusive regime intensifies.


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