[noborders-brum] Minutes of NoBorders metting - 22.6.2006

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Sat Jun 24 12:46:54 UTC 2006

Minutes of NoBorders metting - 22.6.2006

1. Celebrating Sanctuary

As you all probably know, we did a leafleting at Celebrating Sanctuary
(CS) on 17th June. The leaflet created a lot of controversy and we had
some encounters with the Angel Group, who partly fund the event, and CS
people. The CS secretary said they were ready to formally respond to our
concerns. So we're gonna write them a letter about this. Alex is to draft
one as soon as possible and put it on the list so that others can discuss
it before sending it out.

2. Solihull demo

On Friday, 30th June. It's gonna be basically similar to previous ones.
There are, however, a few things that we need to do:
- re-do the the banner that was used for the Genoa thing;
- read out updates of the Campsfield hungerstrike;
- leaflet in Solihull before the demo;
- write to that Solihull Observer journo beforehand to invite her over and
ask why her report of last month's demo was never published;
- can we use Nellie's "grave stones" used at the ARC vigil?

3. Noborders gig

On 30th June, at the Spotted Dog pub in Digbeth, from 8pm to 2am (or maybe
a bit later).

Greg has printed out nice posters and did Mosely so far (at bus stops,
record shops etc). Other people are gonna do other areas before the
weekend. We need more people to help with postering on Thursday evening.
We also still have some of Felipe's flyers.

Greg would have to start setting up from 2pm, so it would be nice if other
people could go down to help out after the demo.

The programme will roughly be as follows:
- 8 to 9: talks and discussion. A German activist from the global No
Border network, Startx, is hopefully coming to talk about the origins of
No Border. Someone from Brum NoBorders could also say a few words about
out activities.
- 9 to 9:45 (or 10): some music. This includes Vince (accoustic), Zirek
(Kurdish violinist) and Tim Bom (magic drumstick);
- shorts about No Borders for 15m or so;
- from 10: live bands followed by DJ's. The bands include Wasif (rapper,
intelligent hip-hop), Heels (Cuban, funk, mash-up) and Corner Boys (punk).
The DJ's include Skinny, Greg and Kristy.

Hope you'll enjoy it :)


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