[noborders-brum] Birmingham NoBorders Meeting Minutes 22:3:06

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Sun Mar 26 18:10:08 UTC 2006

Tam wrote:
> Well, Steve and I are free any night except Tues (because that's when
> Food Not Bombs are meeting).  But maybe we could think about a different
> venue as well?  It was very difficult to hear each other at the MAC -
> even after the group at the next table had left.  I know the Anchor is
> not ideal because it's a pub, but it does have a nice quiet room... what
> do others think?

Yeah, the MAC is definitely not ideal, but i don't think we have a better
option really, do we? I don't think the no smoking room at the Anchor is a
good choice as it's very small and if other customers sat there (as some
do sometimes) we wouldn't be very comfortable talking. WE NEED A SQUAT!
But in the meantime, I think we better stick to the MAC. Perhaps sitting
downstairs, in a circle, would solve the hearing-each-other problem.

As for the day, I personally don't mind to make it Thursday. This's
supposed to be the day on which Imdymedia have their meeting, but we could
have biweekly meertings: Indymedia one week and No Borders the next. If
people agree, then I propose we dedicate this coming Thursday for No
borders again, because of the demo on Sat, then Indymedia the next and so


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