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>>>>   197 items - weekly digest up to 14/05/06


[A] 'Hmm," I thought, sinister - certain certainty is certainly... '
     14 May 06 -  51 items

[B] 'landmark court victory'
     12 May 06 -  70 items

[C] 'enforced poverty'
     10 May 06 - 75  items

[D] 'Child First'
     10 May 06 -  1 item

[E] How to cancel or change your subscription to asylumpolicy.info


[A] 'Hmm," I thought, sinister - certain certainty is certainly... '
     14 May 06 -  51 items

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A key, indispensable, unparalleled, one-stop service on asylum,
anti-racism, immigration, oppression, conflict, war and human rights

01: UK
02: World
03: Europe
04: Events
05: The new utopians
06: Can you sing, rap or dance?
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Lead: - 'Hmm," I thought, sinister - certain certainty is certainly... '

The Afghan fiasco: why a certain certainty is certainly being missed
Hmm,” I thought. “And what if some Jews had escaped from Auschwitz and
hijacked a plane and flown to England? And did we always return to the
USSR refugees who had seized the means of their transport in order to

What is (was) an Afghan jet doing at Stansted?

Stanstead hijacking - when will the Government accept defeat?

Blair 'to amend human rights law'
"...plans to change the act were "sinister".

When will this abuse of human rights end?

Afghan Decision: Government Sets Itself Above The Rule Of Law
"The government’s reaction to this has been to lash out at individual
judges, a reaction that has no place in a democratic society that
respects the rule of law.
(Word doc)

Human rights law 'may be changed'

Basic freedoms are being lost in the human rights circus

Judge lifts Afghans' identity ban

Confusion in court – it’s the messy matter of whose human rights you
want to guard today, m'lud

Leak reveals Blair attack on human rights law

Human Rights Act exposes government failings
This hostility to the Human Rights Act rests on the myth that it
empowers criminals at the expense of law-abiding citizens; in fact, it
protects citizens from abuse by the state.

Cameron threatens to scrap Human Rights Act

01: UK

14 May 06

Church of England damns Labour on asylum and poverty
The criticisms come in a leaked report called Faithful Cities, due
to be published on May 22. The document accuses the government of
trying to use deprivation as a way of deterring refugees
from seeking asylum status.
Church calls for joined-up approach to help victims of human trafficking

Invasion by Poles hits 'lazy' Britain

Mental health crisis hits UK troops

Should we apologise for the wrongs of the past?

Japanese minister ignores slave labour claims by British PoWs

Think Jamaica is bad? Try Nigeria ... ' How Diane Abbott enraged a

13 May 06

Greek minister urged to quit over 'abduction' of Pakistani immigrants
The migrants claim that they were interrogated by Greek and British
agents over their links with Pakistanis in Britain.

British troops tell of battle for downed helicopter

Blair is one of the bad guys in Russia’s new War and Peace

It's territory not religion, stupid

Wanted for genocide

British spy who defied Gestapo brutality to the end

The Chagos islanders
Decades of boneheaded inhumanity and transatlantic subservience on the
part of the British government were exposed this week by a high court
decision in London.

Regulation of the press
A not so modest proposal

02: World

Growing network of arms brokers and transporters fuelling killings,
rape, and torture

Without foreign chancelleries and Hollywood’s finest, can Darfur peace
deal succeed?

Belgium: Immigrants told to pass language test

China risks new row over bishop

France: Thousands Protest French Immigration Bill

Germany: Seven awards to German Stasi film

Indonesia villagers defy volcano

Iran rejects talks 'under threat'

Iran: No threats and no Israel: Iran lays down terms ahead of nuclear

Iraq's 'ragtag' army units start fighting among themselves

Russian bear is back - and this time it's gas-powered

Russian federation: Beslan pupils fall victim to Putin vendetta

Sri Lanka: Tamil Tigers sink peace hopes with suicide raid at sea

Sudan: Children forced into Darfur death squads

Syria Takes Welcome Action on Iraqi Palestinians

US: Bush to Speak on Immigration Monday

US: Dueling Protests Mirror Immigration Divide

US: Bush may deploy troops to Mexico border in immigration crackdown

03: Europe

Latin America's oil rebels rebuff EU

EU slams Tigers over sea attacks

The emergence of a European security-industrial complex

04: Events

05: The new utopians

Chávez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent society

Chavez to ignore PM on UK trip

Chavez offers oil to Europe's poor
Venezuelan President promises fuel to the needy and proclaims 'final
days of the North American empire' before visit to Britain today.

For many, Hugo Chávez's celebrity is evidence of a revival of the
utopian impulse. The former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castañeda
links Latin America's recent lurch leftward to a new kind of utopianism.

Details of President Hugo Chávez visit to London

06: Can you sing, rap or dance?

Do you want to be a pop star?

We are a looking for refugees and asylum seekers between the ages of 16
and 25 to be members of a new boy-band.

You will get professional training, the chance to record a song, and the
opportunity to perform live on stage.

This could be the start of your music career!

Auditions Begin In May

For more information please call:
0800 031 9750
(Calls to this number are free of charge)

Flyer (1 page Wor doc)

[B] 'landmark court victory'
     12 May 06 -  70 items

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A key, indispensable, unparalleled, one-stop service on asylum,
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01: UK
02: World
03: Europe
04: Events
05: No Fortress Europe - Appeal
06: Exile Journalists News No: 2
07: Andijan Massacre: Eyewitness Testimony
08: EU urged to revise its Dublin II Regulation to protect refugees'
09: How to cancel or change your subscription to asylumpolicy.info

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Lead: - 'landmark court victory'

Islanders take first steps home after a landmark court victory
Bancoult, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for Foreign &
Commonwealth Affairs [2006] EWHC 1038 (Admin) (11 May 2006)
For these reasons the claimant succeeds. We invite counsel to draw up
the appropriate order.

Judges dismiss 'repugnant' attempts to deny Chagos islanders their home

Britons held at Guantanamo Bay win right to sue their captors

Afghan Hijackers Win U.K. Refugee Status

Government "abused power" over Afghan hijackers

Judge attacks government for not following procedures in Afghan cases

Response to government plan to appeal court decision

01: UK

12 May 06

Children should not be the victims of gender wars
It sanctioned the movement of hundreds of children to often miserable
lives in Australia in the 1950s. We recall how young children have been
removed from jailed mothers by an insensitive prison system. The state,
over-confident about protecting children's best interests, typically
makes a serious mistake in children's policy every generation.
Empty Cradles - "150,000 children had in fact been deported from
children's homes in Britian"

Now is the time to get a Chinese education, Britons told

Storming of the British embassy

The sex war's new frontline
We fight for equality, yet balk at the first death of a woman in action
in Iraq.

Britain's colonial adventures: The truth about Gordon of Khartoum

New call by lecturers for Israeli academic boycott
Monday marks the 58th anniversary of the founding of Israel in 1948 -
and the expulsion of Palestinians from their land. With millions still
living under occupation or in exile

11 May 06

Asylum deport family win reprieve

Colnbrook's despair - able young men driven to suicide
Update on Colnbrook Hunger Strike

In a Liverpool limbo
Shivakuru Selvathurai and his family have been waiting for an asylum
decision for four long years

Evelyn & Bendicta belong to Wakefield

'Free Zimbabwe' Bristol Vigil

Is the Home Secretary's empire now too big to be effective?

Sex Trafficking, Amnesty welcomes police raids in London and West
Midlands, but calls for protection for trafficked victims

US rejects calls for Guantánamo closure

Britons held at Guantanamo Bay win right to sue their captors

Afghan hijackers stay in UK after ruling hits Home Office

19 women set free in raids on alleged sex traffickers

New report reveals arms trade out of control as Amnesty members descend
on parliament calling for tough arms controls

Chagos families win right to return
A group of British citizens evicted from the Chagos Islands 40 years ago
to make way for a military base win high court victory

Slavery: Is it time for an apology?

Reid pledge on Afghan hijackers

10 May 06

Home Office Protest Spearheads UK IDAHO Events

Street actor opens asylum exhibition

Anger at overseas doctors' permit requirement

Seven-day welfare plan turned down
The government has rejected a recommendation to assess the welfare of
asylum-seeking children in detention after seven days.

02: World

Those in power do not rule for ever: history will judge our presidencies
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

First kiss the dictator, then slap his face

Afghan poppy farmers expect record opium crop and the Taliban will reap
the rewards

Chad refugee crisis 'overlooked'

Congo DR: New UN report documents abuses by police and army troops

Egypt: Award-Winning Blogger Among New Arrests

Egyptian trial of pro-reform judges halted after protests

Haiti after the Elections: Challenges for Préval’s First 100 Days

India: Victims of unrest
Thousands caught between Maoist rebels and Indian troops

Israel/Occupied Territories: Emergency aid may be too little, too late
for Palestinians trying to survive a crisis

Italy: Extraordinary renditions: Collusion by Italian personnel in CIA

Lebanon: Hariri Tribunal Can Restore Faith in Law

Morocco: Convictions Show Limits on Press Freedom

Nepal: From People Power to Peace?

Russia: End Anti-Gay Violence, Permit Gay Pride Parade

Somalia: Amnesty International condemns child executing father’s killer

Somalis flee as city battle rages

Sri Lanka:  'Dozens dead' in Sri Lanka clash

Sri Lankan sea battle leaves 45 dead

Sudan: Six-month delay for Darfur force

Sudan: Peace Deal Must Deliver on Darfur Aid

US spy agency 'monitoring calls'

US: 56 Immigrants Locked in Freezer Truck

US immigration bill impasse eases

US: Bush may have crossed the line by tracking every US phone call

Vietnam: Fledgling Democracy Movement Under Threat

03: Europe

EU: Foreign Ministers Should Resolve Taylor Issue

04: Events

13 May 2006
*Benefit Concert In Support Of Asylum Seekers In Detention* this

18 May 2006 Birmingham – 05 October 2006
‘Emotional Wellbeing of Refugee Children and Young people’

24 May 2006
'Hearing Voices': Listening to asylum seekers and refugees
A meeting sponsored by the All Party Group of MPs on Asylum Seekers and
Refugees to launch the new report and best practice guide on mental
health services for asylum seekers and refugees.
Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, Westminster, London, SW1
Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
Medical Justice Campaign

05: No Fortress Europe - Appeal

Join the campaign to shut down temporary holding centres for migrants in
Europe by signing this petition

06: Exile Journalists News No: 2

EJNews provides news, comment and analysis on the right to refuge and
press freedom around the world. It is written by journalists who have
been forced to seek exile after facing persecution in their home
countries simply for doing their job.

Pdf version of the newsletter can be dowloaded from:EJNews, Issue Two,
May 2006

Please email your comments to Forward at ejn at mediawise.org.uk or 0117
941 5890

1. New editor for EJNews

Amadu Khan has been appointed editor of EJNews. A refugee from Sierra
Leone, Amadu is a human rights journalist, poet and community
development expert.

2.  A victory for EJN - of sorts

When The People published an article (‘Insult to our heroes’, Feb 26)
that described a migrant in Calais as ‘asylum seeker’, a ‘bogus asylum
seeker’, an ‘illegal immigrant’, a ‘refugee’ – and labelled him a ‘vile
toerag’ for good measure – EJN complained to the Press Complaints

3. Mansoor steps up asylum campaign

The two year long campaign to stop the deportation of EJN member Mansoor
Hassan is reaching a crucial legal stage. Supported by Tony Lloyd MP and
Jeremy Dear of the National Union of Journalists, Mansoor is making a
fresh application for asylum and human rights protection to the Home
Office’s Immigration and Nationality Directorate.

4.Xenophobia rules

The media has, quote properly, devoted extensive coverage to the fact
that the Home Office has let hundreds of criminals who should have been
deported at the end of their sentences stay in Britain.

5. Anti-deportation protesters cleared

Three protesters who participated in a peaceful dawn protest at the
Glasgow office of the Immigration Service have been cleared of charges
of breach of the peace.

6. Journalists need help to deal with trauma

There is a pressing need for trauma therapy centres to treat journalists
working in trouble-spots around the world, according to delegates at a
London meeting about post traumatic stress disorder in the media last

7. EJN joins calls to defend free expression
The EJN will join activists and groups around the world that defend
freedom of expression at an international conference in Edinburgh. The
event, organised by the International Press Institute (IPI) to mark its
55th General Assembly will take place on May 27-30.

8. London’s media under scrutiny

Refugee organisations working in London met in the city on April 6 to
discuss coverage of refugees and asylumseekers by London-based media.

9. NUJ commits itself to supporting EJN

Tim Lezard, outgoing President of the National Union of Journalists, has
sent a strong message of support to the EJN.

10. Gearing up for International Refugee Day

International Refugee Day will take place on June 20 this year, and many
organisations are already starting to organise activities.

11. Research reveals extent of racism in media

Two pieces of research commissioned by the Commission for Racial
Equality conclude that racism is rife in the UK media.

A Mori poll asking people from ethnic minorities about careers in the
print media found that 21 per cent believe there is racism in the

12. Press review - Report rubbishes ‘sex for visas’ expose

When The Sun exposed what it called a ‘sex for visas’ scam at the
immigration office in Croydon, the Government quickly launched an

13. Press review - ‘Illegal asylum-seekers’ return!

The tired, old and utterly meaningless phrase ‘illegal asylum-seeker’
has made an unwelcome return to our newspapers. The Stoke Sentinel
(‘Baths, lies, strikes and Mr Prescott’, April 3), the Glasgow Herald
(‘Dawn-raids row brings changes to asylum system’, March 27) and –
somewhat surprisingly – The Guardian (‘In the hysteria over illegal
asylum seekers, refugees like my Nepalese friend Tham are being let down
by the system’, March 24) all used the phrase in recent weeks.

14.Press freedom roundup

World Press Freedom Day was marked by journalists across the globe on
May 3. But just two days before, Uthyan, the largest Tamil-language
daily newspaper in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, was attacked by gunmen who killed
two media workers. Five armed men entered the paper’s main office and
opened fire on editorial staff, killing two staffers and wounding two

15. Feature - Asylum: the truth and the lies

MediaWise Director MIKE JEMPSON reveals how the parts of the media
distorted a major global report on asylum-seekers and refugees.

There are fewer refugees in the world today than at anytime in the last
25 years, and the number is still falling. That was the positive message
of the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonia Guterres,
as he launched his new global report in London on April 19.

16. Feature - How I started Ireland’s most popular multicultural

Abel Ugba is the founding editor of Ireland’s most popular multicultural
newspaper, Metro Eireann. As the paper celebrates its six anniversary,
he describes how he set it up.

07: Andijan Massacre: Eyewitness Testimony

Video interview transcript

West urged to punish Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan: A Year Later, Still No Justice for Andijan

08: EU urged to revise its Dublin II Regulation to protect refugees'

The European Union’s Dublin II Regulation, which identifies the Member
State responsible for examining an asylum claim, needs substantial
revision to ensure that the rights of asylum-seekers and refugees are
respected, according to a UNHCR study
Word doc

Report: The Dublin II Regulation. A UNHCR Discussion Paper », which
includes a number of case examples

[C] 'enforced poverty'
     10 May 06 - 75  items

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01: UK
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04: Events
05: Policing the peacekeepers
06: Non-refoulement under threat
07: Best & Worst Places to be a Mum
08: Refugee Studies Centre - Update No.3
09: US - Web Site Questions Immigrant Stereotypes
10: People trafficking: upholding rights and understanding
11: How to cancel or change your subscription to asylumpolicy.info

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Lead: - 'enforced poverty'

Church attacks Government's asylum policy

Kirk concern over ‘enforced poverty’ of asylum seekers

Kirk attacks 'forced poverty' policy of discouraging asylum seekers

Report: Human Rights, Racial Justice and Migration
Asylum Seekers
Asylum Policy: Dawn Raids
Destitution among Asylum Seekers
(Word doc)
Source: http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/

Church of Scotland Concerned by ‘Enforced Poverty’ of Asylum Seekers

01: UK

10 may 06

>From Derby to Darfur - Beckett's baptism of fire

Call for treaty to enforce weapons embargoes

Murder of Catholic boy, 15, reveals a Northern Ireland divided as ever

How arms have become a truly global business

Veteran protesters face jail under new anti-terror laws

Evidence against Qatada 'gained by torture'

British farmer building gallows for export to Africa

'Abusers' elected to human rights council
Britain won a seat on the newly created Human Rights Council of the UN
yesterday, but five countries identified as being among the world's
worst abusers also achieved membership.

They should come out as imperialist and proud of it

A tale of two breakfasts
Mugabe was not always the figure now depicted on the London stage as a
haunted depressive.

9 May 06

Migrant detention records blasted

Torture evidence used against Qatada, court hears
The case is an important first test of the British government's hopes of
deporting UK-based terrorism suspects to their countries of origin after
signing a series of diplomatic "no torture" agreements.

Two tales of one incident at Colnbrook Removal Centre.

Judges end five-year anti-war vigil outside parliament
Demo v democracy

Peace protesters win battle against arms firm

Beckett: No military action against Iran
The Big Question: Is Iran developing a nuclear bomb, and if so, should
it be stopped?

8 May 06

The battle against racism

Blair's terrible legacy: UK troops dig in after killings

Drag death man still unidentified

Immigration list man spared jail

Brian Haw loses Parliament protest case
It was announced today that Brian Haw has lost the latest round of his
fight to be allowed to protest in Parliament Square.

Anti-immigrant UKIP leader hires Polish builders

>From sweetness and light to bloody ambushes: the British descent in

Anti-war protester dealt court blow

Nightmare world of suburban sex slaves

The neocons strike again
The treatment of Jack Straw throws new and alarming light on the
dismissal of Robin Cook.

5 May 06

25.000 innocent people detained .../you have the newspapers you deserve

02: World

If this is Ahmadinejad's bluff, it is bluff worth calling

Washed up on the beach - hidden half of Africa's people smuggling
As the world looks elsewhere, Somalis and Ethiopians are risking all to
get to the Middle East

Morales is taking Bolivia out of the shadow of the US

Australia intercepts more Papuans

Bosnia court holds genocide trial

Chad: Refugees too scared to go home despite Darfur deal peace

Egypt: Cairo clamps down on dissent

Egypt: When judges are beaten

French tribute to slavery victims

India's hidden war

Iran: Tehran breaks silence with US to offer 'solutions'
Russia says UN plan for Iran is 'first step to war'

Iraqi government 'in days'

Israel/Occupied Territories: Palestinians to get interim aid

Liberia sex-for-aid 'widespread'

Puerto Rico protests

Somalia: Fighting rages in Somali capital

Somali militias battle

Somalia: Battles between rival militias leave 84 dead

Sudan: A small step in the desert

Thai court nullifies country's election results

US: Images of a hidden America

US rejects Iran's letter

03: Europe

EU plans crisis aid for Palestinians

Draft Common Manual for Immigration Liaison Officers (ILOs) posted
abroad by the Member States of the European Union

European Commission evaluation of on combating trafficking in human

Prejudice forms a new line between east and west
As gay people get greater rights in parts of EU, other countries
entrench bigotr

Don't humiliate us, Bulgarians warn EU

04: Events

05: Policing the peacekeepers

Tough new measures are needed to curb sex abuse by UN personnel

Children in Liberia Victims of Sexual Exploitation,
Study Finds

Child sex-for-aid 'rife' in Liberia

06: Non-refoulement under threat

Joint Redress/Immigration Law Practitioners Association (ILPA) Seminar
Matrix Chambers, 16 May 2006 (pdf)

07: Best & Worst Places to be a Mum

The State of the World's Mothers 2006 report

A Mother’s Day Report Card: The Best— And Worst—Countries to Be a Mother

Most Dangerous Day for Children

Best & Worst Places to be a Mom

08: Refugee Studies Centre - Update No.3

Word document version:

09: US - Web Site Questions Immigrant Stereotypes

Frustrated by the political rhetoric surrounding the illegal immigration
debate, a political consultant and a Web designer are launching an
Internet campaign aimed at shattering stereotypes about Latinos and
getting them involved.

I am a Proud American

10: People trafficking: upholding rights and understanding

The latest issue of Forced Migration Review (http://www.fmreview.org/)
(FMR 25) includes a major feature on People trafficking: upholding
rights and understanding vulnerabilities.

European Commission evaluation of on combating trafficking in human

[D] 'Child First'
     10 May 06 -  1 item

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>>>> Child First, Migrant Second: Ensuring that Every Child Matters

Full report: Child First, Migrant Second:
             Ensuring that Every Child Matters

Launched today (Wednesday 10th May) at the House of Commons,
suggests that despite Government reassurances that every
child matters, children who are subject to immigration
control are systematically excluded from some of the
measures intended to deliver better outcomes for

Immigrant children are children first and foremost

If children subject to immigration control are to receive the support
and protection intended for all children in the UK under the
Government’s framework for ensuring that Every Child Matters, they must
be treated as ‘children first and migrants second’, according to the
Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA).

The evidence presented in ILPA’s policy paper Child First, Migrant
Second: Ensuring that Every Child Matters launched today (Wednesday 10th
May) at the House of Commons, suggests that despite Government
reassurances that every child matters, children who are subject to
immigration control are systematically excluded from some of the
measures intended to deliver better outcomes for children.

The paper argues that this problem is exacerbated by the recent
introduction of policies that encourage local authorities to exclude
migrant children from the provision of the Children Acts (1989 and 2004)
as part of the wider government objective of controlling immigration.
Social workers who are supposed to be protecting children are
increasingly being required to behave as if they are immigration
officers. The paper argues that these roles are ultimately incompatible.

ILPA’s policy paper sets out the implications of the current approach
for separated asylum seeking children, asylum seeking children in
families, trafficked children and young people, and children in private
fostering arrangements. It makes concrete and specific recommendations
for ensuring that each of these groups of children matter in policy and

Commenting on the launch of the policy paper Chris Randall, specialist
immigration lawyer and Chair of ILPA, said:

“While children are living in this country, they must be afforded equal
rights and treatment under UK law. We hope that this paper, and our
earlier publication Working with Children and Young People Subject to
Immigration Control: Guidelines for Best Practice, will help
practitioners working in the areas of both immigration and welfare to
understand their obligations towards this group of children and to
translate this understanding into the work they do.”

Dr Heaven Crawley, Senior Lecturer at the University of Wales Swansea
and author of the paper, said:

“There is growing evidence that children subject to immigration control
are treated as migrants first and foremost and that their rights and
needs as children either remain unidentified or else are ignored. This
evidence can be seen in the current treatment of children in the asylum
determination process, in the increasing number of disputes over the age
and entitlements of children and young people, in the use of detention
and child poverty as tools of immigration control, in the lack of proper
support for children in private fostering arrangements and in the
failure to identify and protect those who have been trafficked.”

“If every child living in the UK really matters, politicians, policy
makers and practitioners must ensure that the policies and practice of
immigration control are compatible with national and international
obligations towards children, who are one of the most vulnerable groups
in our society.”

Peggy Ray, Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year 2005 (Family) and UNICEF Child
Rights Lawyer of the Year 2001 wrote:

“It is a sad fact that the politicisation of the issue of asylum seekers
can lead to the special vulnerability of the children caught up within
the immigration system being disregarded. 
This policy paper deserves
the widest possible dissemination among not only social workers and
lawyers dealing with migrant children working within the immigration
system, but lawyers and all professionals working within the child
protection arena. ”

Notes for editors

ILPA’s policy paper Child First, Migrant Second: Ensuring that Every
Child Matters will be launched at an event hosted by Neil Gerrard MP and
Chris Randall, Chair of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association
at the House of Commons (Committee Room 16) at 4pm on Wednesday 10th May
2006. The panel of speakers will include Dr Heaven Crawley, author of
the paper, Lin Homer, Director General of IND, Selam Kidane from the
British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) and a speaker from
'Resolution' (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association). For
further information on the launch event please contact Elizabeth White
on 0207 251 8383 or email elizabeth.white at ilpa.org.uk

The policy paper can be downloaded at
www.ilpa.org.uk/publications/ilpa_child_first.pdf ILPA has also
published Working with Children and Young People subject to Immigration
Control: Guidelines for Best Practice (November 2004), which can be
downloaded at
www.ilpa.org.uk/publications/ilpa_working_with_children.pdf Both of
these publications have been funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

The policy paper makes a number of recommendations to ensure that
children subject to immigration control matter in UK policy and
practice, including the following:

- The UK’s Reservation to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
(CRC) should be removed and the immigration and asylum systems brought
into line with its guiding principles;

- The benefit of the doubt should always be given to individuals whose
age is disputed;

- A child focused asylum system should be established which includes
procedures that take into consideration the broken narratives of
children, the additional difficulties they have in expressing a coherent
account of their experiences, and child-specific experiences of

- No child should be returned to his or her country of origin unless and
until it is clear it is safe to do so and there is evidence that he or
she will be properly supported on return;

- All separated children seeking asylum – and indeed all children
subject to immigration control – should be represented throughout any
legal proceedings by specialised representatives;

- Local authority care for separated children, including leaving care
arrangements, should be properly resourced by central government;

- A statutory guardianship system should be established for children who
are subject to immigration control;

- All children in the UK should have access to the same levels of
welfare and support regardless of their immigration status. Section 9
should not be implemented and ideally should be repealed;

- Children should not be detained for the purpose of immigration control
because of the negative physical, mental and educational consequences of

- Local Safeguarding Children Boards should be encouraged to include
representatives from the Immigration Service and the National Asylum
Support Service (NASS) where appropriate;

- Additional child protection officers should be stationed at major
ports of entry in order to identify potential victims of trafficking and
other children who need to be safeguarded from harm or abuse;

- Private fostering arrangements should be subject to a registration and
approval scheme.

For further information please contact:

Elizabeth White         0207 251 8383
Dr Heaven Crawley               07813 127121

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