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Dear friends,

  We are writing to you from Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) a
network of groups and individuals who have united to raise awareness of the
situation of people seeking asylum in the North East of England (see principles
listed at the bottom of this e-mail).
  TCAR is calling a national day of action against deportation during Refugee
Week. On 22nd June from 11am - 1pm we will be holding a BIG NOISE demo outside
our local immigration reporting centre and we invite you to hold a simultaneous
protest outsiede reporting centres across the country.

  Reporting centres are places of fear for asylum seekers as you are never sure
if you will come back out or if you will be detained and deported. Asylum
seekers are forced to sign like criminals even when they are homeless and have
no money to travel miles to the reporting centre. Now new rules are coming in
which will force asylum seekers to report by phone as well as by foot. Others
have been tagged like animals to make sure they don't escape inhumane
  TCAR has been holding pickets of North Shields reporting centre since
February, providing solidarity to those going to sign and to protest against
deportation.  We are calling on all those who stand with us against forced
deportation to join us on 22nd June.
Lets break the silence around deportation! LETS MAKE SOME NOISE!

  Bring pots, pans, musical instruments, whistles or just yourselves!

  Please contact us if you are planning an event in your local area so we can
send messages of solidarity between ourselves. It would also be useful to share
printed information to prevent unneccessary duplication of effort. You can
e-mail this address or contact the secretaries, Matt (07886520116) or Annie

Please forward this e-mail to your contacts.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Tyneside Community Action for Refugees

  TCAR is united around the following principles:  
   the right to asylum and for Britain to uphold it’s commitments under the
United Nations 1951 Geneva Convention.
   the right of asylum seekers to work. No to forced labour.
   a just and fair legal process for asylum seekers
   decent housing, income and welfare rights for all.
   the right of asylum seekers and their communities to self defence, for
example, for
   the right to physically resist being forced onto a plane, or to resist snatch
   the persecution of people on the grounds of race,  nationality,   religion or
political view point.
   the scapegoating and criminalisation of asylum seekers
   racist  immigration controls
   forced deportation
   detention of asylum seekers
   forced dispersal
   attacks on legal representation of asylum rights

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