[noborders-brum] Meeting tonight @ mac 7:30pm

phunkee at riseup.net phunkee at riseup.net
Thu Nov 2 13:44:00 UTC 2006

Hi, a few of us so far, including some 'new' people, are meeting up
tonight for a noborders meeting. We meet at the mac cafe at 7:30pm.

I've been asked, by the Guantanamo Campaign, if we'd like to support their
international human rights day initiative.

Here's a bit more on it:

Dear All

  The Birmingham Guantanamo Campaign is planning an International Human
Rights Day vigil in Birmingham to commemorate the International Human
Rights day vigil. We are inviting all organisations and individuals to
help us plan for the vigil that would highlight violations of Human
Rights in UK and internationally.

  Please find attached arrangements for the planning meeting organised in

  The vigil should give organisations campaigning on various issues from
anti-war, Palestine and Human rights to scope to highlight human rights
issues in the areas of their campaigns.

  Please endeavour to attend the planning meeting. If, however, you are
unable to attend get somebody else from your organisation to attend or
let us know your comments on the proposal prior to the planning meeting
by replying to this email.

  I have also included a leaflet adevertising the vigil outside Starbucks
who have recently opened a coffee shop in Guantanamo. Please circulate




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