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Wed Oct 4 23:39:02 UTC 2006


Text for a draft leaflet for Sat - any comments, ideas, links or extra
info/graphics welcome.  Its been edited from articles on Indymedia and the
NoBorders website.

Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Control

Today is an International day of action calling for freedom of movement so
that all people can circulate freely around the world and determine their
own destiny.... it is directed against the denial of rights, against the
criminalisation of migrants and against all immigration controls.

Demonstrations have been organised in dozens of cities in Europe and
Africa. The decision to organize such a day of migration-related actions
was decided at the European Social Forum in May 2006, when about 15.000
people from different social movements met in Athens.

One of the main measures of the European Union authorities against the
movements and struggles of migration is currently the establishment of
detention camps and other instruments of migration control outside Europe,
in African and east European countries. Mainly North and West African
countries are supposed to block migrants on their way to Europe and help
to deport them to the desert or sub-Saharan countries.

Thousands of migrants and refugees collectively stormed the border fences
of the Spanish enclaves in Ceuta and Melilla in October last yearand for a
while at least the crucial demands for freedom of movement and for equal
rights were clearly brought to public attention. This was met with
inhuman, barbaric reactions, fatal shootings and mass deportations to the

But there is an ongoing process undermining this migration regime, not
only from 'outside' the borders, but also from the inside. All over
Europe, almost every day, there are social and political struggles,
protests and campaigns against camps and deportations, for asylum rights
for women and men, for legalisation, for European citizenship rights based
on residence rather than nationality and against the exploitation of
migrant labour.

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