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It was raised at the last meeting but no decision was made (was a small
meeting anyway). I feel a bit clearer after seeing this email that it
could be a good thing to go to. But  who would go? and who would get the
presentation / stall together? Also the other organisations are directly
working with some of the young people involved so we would be a bit
outside of the remit. We would need to have a clear idea of what we were
trying to get across.
I'll be at work on the day but I could help out some in getting a basic
stall together...

> <DIV>I asked A. ('phunkee') to raised this item at the last No Borders
> meeting.  I work for Connexions a youth support organisation for
> 13-19 year olds.  I have been involved with a group in the
> central team area of our organisation who have been planning an event for
> Black History Month.  It is an event we are holding at South
> Birmingham College, Digbeth Friday 27th October 3-6pm.  </DIV>
> <DIV>The event is a competition based around up to 10 performances by
> young people which can through various creative mediums such as singing,
> rap, poetry, dance, drama which will be along the theme of Black History
> Month.  </DIV>
> <DIV> </DIV>
> <DIV>The event is open to all young people although it has been
> specifically marketed to Afro-Caribbean youngsters.  We have invited
> a number of agencies that work with young Black people in the area,
> particualry ones who may be unemployed such as the Bro-Sis project, Fresh
> Winds, Parents and Children Together and CAHMS.  They are all
> invited to do a 5 minute presentation and to have a stall at the event. I
> have also invited No Borders to send a representative. 
> Obviously the experience of immigration controls are part of
> the struggle that Black people continue to have.  I therefore
> very much hope that someone is able to attend and that this will offer an
> interesting edge to what could otherwise be a very liberal/ cultural
> event.</DIV>
> <DIV> </DIV>
> <DIV>Thanks Richard Green tel. 07830 324154</DIV></FONT></div></html>
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