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Subject: [noii-uk] Writers needed
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Date:    Sun, September 3, 2006 2:25 am
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  I've written enough to make half of a factsheet or zine, I want to get
it ready by the 7th of October. Drafts available on request.

  What is needed is somebody else to write, especially about migrant
workers, the tube cleaners struggle, sex workers and so. I specialise in
writing about detention and deportations. I have a long quote from
Salima and want to publish extracts of the letter George sent to lord
Avebury during the Colnbrook hunger strike. More contributions from
migrants and asylum seekers very welcome.

  Also very much appreciated: analysis of the migration phenomenon and the
function of border controls from a noborders and anti-capitalist
perspective; something about the exteranlistion of borders;
international struggles; major incidents eg. the migrants shot dead at
the Spanish border; anything else you think relevant.

  I also wonder if the NoBorders London group would like to produce the
factsheet or zine. I'd like to head it ' NOBORDERS' and I wonder if
other noborders grups would like to make contributions.

  Due to time limits all contributions should ideally arrive inside the
next 2 weeks. Later contributions can still be considered, also for
further publications, or put on websites.

  If anyone would like to take part in editing, graphics etc please let me
know. All by email as far as I'm concerned as I'm in Italy at the
  I'll be back well before October the 7th

  0039 040 566300

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