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Mon Sep 11 17:27:33 UTC 2006

<so would all these groups like to send us 200-250 words about what they've
<been doing, contact details, details of meetings, and we'll include them in
<the news letter.


Heres a start if someone else wants to add to it?

Birmingham NoBorders - noborders-brum-contact at aktivix.org

The Birmingham No Borders group meets every other Thursday, at the Cottage
Social Centre, 147 Kyrwicks Lane, Highgate from 7.30 p.m. The Centre is a
squatted Council building under threat of eviction so the venue may change
in the near future.

The group has been holding a demonstration, on the last Friday of every
month, with the Birmingham Anti Racist Campaign at the Home Office
Reporting Centre in Solihull. A banner is erected to obscure the official
sign of the building, asylum seekers' stories and the true facts about
asylum are told with placards, leaflets and megaphone and food is often

The group has facilitated weekly voucher swops with asylum seekers, at the
moment at least £210 is swapped every two weeks and the network of people
involved is slowly becoming wider.

Members of NoBorders are involved in supporting asylum seekers in setting
up anti-deportation campaigns.

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