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Sun Sep 24 09:54:05 UTC 2006

RE: Changes to service level

I am writing to advise that due limited resources
the service will now only be able to provide the
following email digests:

        1) All UK, Europe and World news
           1 to 4 short digests per week
        2) All UK, Europe and World news
           1 full digest per week

:: Subscriber interests

If you have recently completed our online form
saying which topics you wanted newsletters on,
these options are now suspended indefinitely. 
However, details of the topics you have expressed
an interest in will be kept to help inform the
development of the service. The top 5 areas
subscribers have indicated a specific interest in 

         Deportation, return, removal 
         Human rights
         Legal (law, regulations, policy) 
         Parliament (Asylum and Immigration 
         reserved to Westminster) 
         Courses and studies 

:: Evaluation
The evaluation report should be available to all
subscribers by the end of October, current
analysis indicates that the service is used by
subscribers to help with:

         policy development 

Frank Corrigan

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