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This is just a note to say, sadly but for many good reasons, the No
Borders gathering in Leeds has been postponed.

It will now NOT take place on 24-25 February.

The main reasons are:

- the Stop the War demo clash, which removes too many people from the
- problems with the venue
- no capacity within the group at the moment to organise this
- bad time of year for mass accommodation

Instead, we will be mobilising massively for the February 10th
demonstration against detention centres at Harmondsworth.

We know this will disappoint some people and groups - but we just can't
do it at the moment, there are not enough of us, we need to re-group and

A further email will come round shortly with proposals for new dates and
ideas for the programme.

We are still committed to hosting this event but we want it to be as
useful and as well organised as possible.

Leeds No Borders

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