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Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Sun Jul 15 20:54:37 UTC 2007

Infrastructure callout:

>From 19th to 24th September 07 we will gather at Gatwick Airport for
the first No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work
together to try and stop the building of a new detention centre, and
to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of
migration controls. (more info and the full call go to:

To make the camp happen we need people, materials, skills and
expertise. The camp will be a self organised autonomous space and we
invite input from all those who wish to be involved in creating it. if
you have materials or skills to share or ideas about where we can find
what we need we want to hear from you!

If you can think of anything that we've forgotten that we'll need
please let us know! Email g-anbc2007 [at] riseup.net

things we need:

     * land - a suitable camp site to house a camp of around 400 people
     * sinks
     * water tubing
     * a water tanker
     * marquees: large enough to hold camp meetings in
     * Any tents big enough to stand up and move around in e.g. old
frame tents, army tents, scout tents
     * generators
     * vans or other means of transport
     * bales of hay to sit on during workshops etc.
     * folding chairs
     * tables
     * wheelie bins
     * Tarpaulins or waterproof fabric such as pieces of marquee canvas
     * Firewood - pretty much any solid wood as long as it’s not
heavily painted or treated
     * Timber for building – anything from 6x3 to small battens to
slabwood is useful
     * Large pieces of sheet materials, esp. plywood and OSB, for
building and for flooring to help with disabled access
     * Rope
     * Paint, esp. bright colours, and brushes
     * Old sheets and lengths of plain-coloured cloth - for banners,
props and costumes
     * Plastic crates, the bigger the better, with or without lids,
with or without holes in bottom
     * Pallets
     * Toys for the kids
     * Sofas and comfy chairs, cushions, mattresses, bedding, rugs and
carpets, blankets


     * saws – bowsaws, panel saws, hacksaws…
     * axes
     * hammers – sledge, claw and lump
     * spades
     * screwdrivers
     * wheelbarrows
     * sack trucks
     * screws
     * nails
     * cable ties

People and Skills:

     * plumbing,
     * electricity,
     * carpentry,
     * communciations,
     * people who how to deal with rubbish recycling and disposal.
     * Materials and people to organize a wellbeing space
     * People to help set up and take down the camp.

We are very happy for the camp to be organised in an envirionmentally
friendly way - but we ourselves don't have the skills or resources to
do this. If you would like to help, that'd be great! Please contact us
- email g-anbc2007 [at] riseup.net

CASH: obviously there are aspects of organising the camp that costs
money, if your group wishes to hold a fundraiser or donate to the camp
please let us know. Cheques, payable to Brighton No Borders, cane be
sent to Brighton No Borders, PO Box 74, Brighton BN 1 4ZQ. Please
write No Border Camp on the back.

We are open to people who wish to set up affinity group camps, but are
not envisaging that a camp of this size will need to function with a
barrio system. However if you want to offer a barrio, please let us
know. Email g-anbc2007 [at] riseup.net

Anything else? Do email us: g-anbc2007 [at] riseup.net

Thanks very much!
The no border camp team.

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