[noborders-brum] invitation to help organise the no border camp near gatwick

noborderslondon at riseup.net noborderslondon at riseup.net
Tue Jun 12 18:30:23 UTC 2007

Hi everybody.

As you propably know we're organising a no borders camp in the Gatwick
area 19th-24th of September 2007. You can read the invitation to camp at

This is an invitation to all No Borders groups to join organising the
Gatwick area noborder camp. We're organising a weekend of meetings in
Rampart Social Centre in London from 30th of June to 1st of July

Saturday 30/June 1pm-6pm- Public meeting for individuals and groups to
talk about practical stuff for the camp and to exchange ideas about what
to do during the camp.

Sunday 1st July 10am-2pm - network meeting for No Border groups and
friends to discuss the camp in more detail.

Of course we will be discussing practical stuff a lot, but this will also
be a chance to discuss what political issues the camp should cover, how we
do that and what input people and initiatives would like to contribute and

If you want discuss specific issues or want to do a working group at this
meeting, please let us know so we can plan a bit in advance - please email
g-anbc2007 at riseup.net)

Accommodation on Saturday night can be arranged - please email
g-anbc2007 at riseup.net

It would be great if people from as many noborder groups and other migrant
groups as possible could attend. We're hoping that this camp will have
input from groups around UK in terms of organising and content. In fact,
this will be necessary to make the camp a big success!

For more specific information on times and location we will e-mail later.

If you cannot come to the meeting yourself, please spread the word to
those who might be interested.

In the meantime, to get involved with the organising of the camp, please
subscribe yourselves to the public list we have set up -
gatwick07 at lists.riseup.net
go to: http://lists.riseup.net/www/info/gatwick07

Information will also be posted to the noborders-uk list - if you're not
already on this email shiar at riseup.net to ask to be put on (giving a bit
of information about who you, what group you are with etc). At the Glasgow
gathering we decided that this would be the best way to communicate
internally between the different no borders groups, rather than emailing
each of the lists/accounts.

We have also printed some postcards which it would be great if people
could take and distribute where they are. Hopefully leaflets and posters
will be coming too, though we also need some money for this (see my
previous begging email!) Yes, if there are any groups with money to spare
(!), or ways of getting money, please remember that camps are expensive :)

that's it.

greetings from the camp preparation group.

PS apologies if you have received this information already - we're just
keen to make sure that everyone knows!

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