[noborders-brum] making a statement about Amnesty

phunkee phunkee at aktivix.org
Sun Jun 24 11:48:44 UTC 2007


Following the rally yesterday which we're mentioned as a 'supporting 
group', shouldn't we make a statement about our position on Amnestys?

For instance, facing the audience were two banners: one with 'no-one is 
illegal' - which is fine, and the other with 'amnesty now'.

Dunno bout anyone else but i sensed a lot of mixed messages and confused 
politics going on yesterday. I'm also a bit concerned about 
differentiating between asylum seekers and "economic migrants".

Myself and Shiar expressed our reservations about this at the planning 
meetings and then the publicity about the event claimed that it was 
supporting an "Amnesty for all", which sounds like a compromise on the 
face of it, but the word Amnesty is associated with a temporal process - 
it's not associated with freedom of movement or an end to the border 
regime. I feel we really need to be clear about this as a no borders group.

Here's the indymedia post where we could add a statement clarifying our 
position as a comment: 


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