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Hello - please join our Direct Action Network.


To join our network of over 1,500 U.K and Global subscribers, please send a blank email to the address below and then wait for, and reply to, the confirmation message:
directactionagainstwar-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

KEY NOTE: Messages are sent out in roughly twice weekly digests so as not to overload your inbox.

PURPOSE: George Bush, when threatening Iran, talks of the spectre of 'World War III'. Until now, a US/Israeli military strike on Iran seemed a dangerous possibility. Now it has become an imminent reality. It is well past time to move beyond the comfort zone of A-B demonstrations (important as they are) and towards direct confrontation and opposition to our own illegal military states.

DAAW is a well moderated e-group. Most events or actions which are asking more than just the signing of another petition, or which are more than just another march from point A to point B, will be considered for approval as a form of Direct Action.

The Group Guidelines Can Be Read Here:

We look forward to receiving your subscription request.

Once subscribed send messages to: directactionagainstwar at yahoogroups.com
Visit us: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/directactionagainstwar

If you have difficulty subscribing email: daawtalk at yahoo.co.uk

ATTACHMENTS: Please don't send attachments to the group, as they are automatically removed due to the spread of viruses. Please send all info in plain text in the body of the email.

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