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A feature for uk indymedia is taking shape. Do we want to add anything 
to it apart from a link to our protest?

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I expect a few more reports will come in which can be added.

<p>On Tuesday 25th November, the British state began its rollout of ID cards.
>From that date foreign spouses and nationals from outside Fortress Europe who
apply for, or renew, study visas will be required to attend a UK Border Agency
Centre for interrogation and fingerprinting. They will then be issued with
cards which will hold their name, photograph, nationality and immigration
status, along with a biometric chip that will hold their finderprints and
digital image. The details will be held indefintely on the UK Identity Service
database. Over the next three years, other groups of non-EU nationals will be
forced to undergo the process.</p>

<p>On Monday evening, Defy-ID activists in Liverpool expressed their resistance
to the scheme with a <a href="/en/2008/11/413485.html">public burning</a> of a
mock ID card. A further Liverpool <a href="/en/2008/11/413538.html">action</a>
followed on Tuesday, with a picket, leafletting and a samba band. A No Borders
<a href="/en/2008/11/413513.html">banner drop</a> on one of Newcastle's 
busiest inner motorways on Tuesday morning alerted commuters to the rollout,
whilst Lunar house in Croydon was <a
href="/en/2008/11/413526.html">picketed</a> by <a
href="http://london.noborders.org.uk/">No Borders London</a>.</p>



Liverpool: <a href="/en/2008/11/413485.html">Monday</a> | <a
Newcastle: <a href="/en/2008/11/413513.html">banner drop</a> 
London: <a href="/en/2008/11/413526.html">1</a>

<a href="/en/2008/11/413420.html">1</a> | <a
href="/en/2008/11/413333.html">2</a> | <a href="/en/2008/11/413473.html">3</a>
| <a href="http://scotland.indymedia.org/node/11764">4</a>

External Links:
<a href="http://www.defy-id.org.uk/">Defy ID</a> | <a
href="http://www.no2id.net/">NO2ID</a> | <a href="http://noborders.org.uk/">No
Borders UK</a>


<p>Further details of the scheme emerged over the course of the week, including
the fact that ID cards will <a href="/en/2008/11/413420.html">cost £30</a>
initially and that the cost is expected to rise after 2010. It also became
apparent that cardholders would face <a href="/en/2008/11/413333.html">£1000
fines</a> if they failed to update the state on out of date data.  

<p><a href="http://www.no2id.net/">NO2ID</a> claimed that the introduction of
hostile visa regulations for foreign nantionals in the USA led to a <a
href="/en/2008/11/413473.html">15% reduction</a> in applications, and noted
that British universtities would suffer if fee income from overseas students

<p>As the cards began their rollout in the UK, reports emerged that <a
href="/en/2008/11/413466.html">USA border guards</a> are now able to read ID
cards remotely, with the aid of the integral biometric chips. The cards and
associated databases could easily be misused to oppress and control some or all
of us , and it is that potential which fuels the resistance which manifest
itself this week.</p>


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