[noborders-brum] Response to no borders/arc spat

noidea at riseup.net noidea at riseup.net
Fri Oct 10 10:28:07 UTC 2008

Hi all

Some extremely serious allegations have been made about me and my partner
over the last few years.

I have felt extremely intimidated and frustrated, especially as there is
no real way this can be resolved ie. the movement does not have a
grievance procedure.  We are accused of not wanting to face the truth but
then the allegations against us range between:

1) outright lies
2) extreme exageration - bare no resemblance to the truth.
3) have some truth in them but twisted to put us in the worst possible light.

I agree with Korvin's email apart from I thought his "mis-spelling" of
phunkee was pointless, (but hardly could be defined as personal abuse
compared to the level of abuse that has been levelled at him over the
years). He agrees that it was somewhat pointless; it was in the second
draft but a third draft was intended where it may have been removed; the
2nd draft email was mistakenly sent in haste. Apart from that
"mispelling", we both sign up to and affirm it's content.

I have not got time to respond more fully right now, but I have ignored
this for too long. But then I have no idea what the way forward is...


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