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bluesky hypnoclone at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 12 15:32:06 UTC 2009

Hello - please join Direct Action Against War,

To join our network of over 1,500 U.K and Global subscribers, please send a blank email to the address below and then wait for, and reply to, the confirmation message:

directactionagainstwar-subscribe at yahoogroups.com

KEY NOTE: As a subscriber you will receive less than 2 digests per week.

PURPOSE: As the world bathes in the glow of the Obama honeymoon, the 'War On Terror' continues to be waged as the 'War Without End'. Meanwhile, the U.K now has 9,000 troops deployed in Afghanistan, in a war which has been waged for longer than World War II, at an intensity not seen since World War II. Military analysts have described this war as unwinnable, yet U.S and U.K forces continue to dig deeper into this quaqmire.

We cannot engage in wishful thinking that U.S foreign policy has fundamentally changed. Obama's intentions may be good, but he is up against an entrenched military industrial complex at home which shows no sign of ending the 'War Without End'. DAAW continues to exist as an outlet for Direct Action groups and individuals which have not made the same mistake as many other groups which have wound up their activities.

PRIORITISE DAAW FOR EARLY NOTICE OF EVENTS: Due to our size and reach, relative to much of the network, priortising DAAW as the place to post early notice of Direct Action events means events can be redistributed to 100's of smaller groups which DAAW subscribers are subscribed to. Sending events at short notice elimates this potential gain.

Visit: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/directactionagainstwar

We look forward to receiving your subscription request.


(A DAAW moderator)


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