[Reclaimmayday] May Day Recording Thought bubble

protag protag at aktivix.org
Sun Apr 22 15:38:03 UTC 2012

You mean the live acts?

Yes, it's feasible to make multitrack recordings of both stages. I was 
planning for it already.

It just needs the engineers to be totally on the case.

Though I always find that finding the time to mix down afterwards is a 
bit of a challenge...

(I am, even now, re-living all the ums and errs and doorslams from the 
conference yesterday - 5 hours recordings, 15 hours listening back and 
fixing up)



On 22/04/2012 16:18, Jules wrote:
> Recording the music...
> Is this possible at short notice?
> Might make for a nice CD souvenir or similar?
> Thoughts?
> J x
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