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sorry but illness of me & T mean can't get to meeting tonight
hope to be well enough to attend Matilda social thur and can feed in
thoughts re map to anyone there
brief initial thoughts on text are in capitals below

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> Hi Ben and others
> text proposal for the map...
> for the title we should go more official/spoof...and make sure it can
> be used after the tour....my suggestion:
> "The magical mystery MAP
> the ultimative guide to Sheffield secret points of interest
> See Sheffield as you've never seen it"
> and then for the layout of the front, put a picture of the town hall
> like it is done on the offical city council's leaflets.
> Second and third page:
> The magical mystery map
> Many people are coming to Sheffield from far away. For some it is a
> beautiful and relaxed holiday, exercising their right to freely move,
> chose their tours and places to stay. For other however the journey is
> more like a magical mystery tour. They are forced to ask permission to
ADD IN SOMETHING? ON THAT], they have to ask permission to work, to settle
> to bring their kids to school. [INSERT: 'THOSE WHO ARE DENIED THEN HAVE TO
ARGUE FOR ....' DELETE: They need to defend ]
>their right to stay
> in courts. [INSERT 'AND IF THEY FAIL...' DELETE: If denied this right,]
they are neither allowed to work, nor
> entiteled to benefits. They have to squat houses[THE MAJORITY DO NOT SQUAT
> illegaly (e.g. without any protection against exploitation) or by
> charity and [INSERT: 'CAN BE'... DELETE are] threatened [INSERT: WITH
HAVING... DELET to have] their kids taken away from them.
> They are ultimately detained and deported to where they came from,
> countries of war, poor human rights, poverty and ecological

> This map is providing you, the happy tourist, with some information on
> how the global system of exclusion bans people from travelling as they
> wish on the grounds that they are born in the wrong country, have the
> wrong passports, have not enough money to buy themselves visas.
> This global system is implemented locally in Sheffield as in every
> other city in the first world. It is a system that is created by the
> nation-state but beneficial to companies who are making money with the
> exclusion, detention and deportation of people.
> In Britain this system came into existence only a hundred years ago
> when the first immigration law, the alien act was introduced.
> 1905-2005 100 Years of immigration controls
> In 1905 parliarment passed the alien act, restricting people for the
> first time from moving to Britain. It was introduced to appease racist
> and anti-semitic groups who were campaigning against Jews that flew
> into Britain escaping pogroms and persecution in Eastern Europe.
> Altough national borders and border-controls seem to be almost natural
> in today, they are a mere [???] result of racism and xenophobia in a world
> that during the 20th century became more closely connected than it ever
> was before. In todays world of globalisation, tourist, [WAS THIS SPOSED TO
> global upper class can travel freely around the globe as can capital
> free from every limitation since the the 1970ies [I WOULDN'T BE SO
SPECIFIC RE DATE]. Excluded from this
> freedom of movement however are the working classes of the world,
> people who cannot afford to travel or are banned [RESTRICTED RATHER THAN
BANNED]because of the place
> they were born into.
> This unjust system is under constant attack [REPLACE WITH BEING CONSTANTLY
UNDERMINED?] from migrants and refugees
> all over the world who despite the obstacles continue to exercise their
> right to freely move and enter the richer countries of the world in
> their desperate attempt to share some of the fortunes and rights that
> have been established for so few.
> The nation-states in the north and among them Britain are fighting back
> with increasingly harsh policies. As it is increasingly hard to control
> the territorial borders the European Union has been establishing a
> system of internal exclusion the most prominent feature of it being the
> Detention Centres.
> Detention Centres - Going to prison without comitting a crime
> All over Europe the prisons for people who have not commited a crime
> other then asking for the right to stay are mushrooming. There are now
> 13 of these prisons in the UK and some of them are run by private
> companies who are making vast profits on the basis of this system. The
> companies, such as Global Solutions Unlimted and the Sodexho
> Corporation are multi-national coporations who engage in a varity of
> servises outsourced and privatised by the nation-states over the last
> two decades of neoliberal policies. Both companies have records of
> human right abuses in Britain and other countries for treating
> prisioners. And while the governement is paying them richly to do the
> dirty business there are more and more reported suicides of detainees
> in british detention centres.
>  From Global to Local - Our solidarity is as transnational as their
> policies
> The global border regime is abstract and seems far away from our daily
> lives, but the extensions of it reach into every local community and
> city. Borders and Zone[S?] of Exclusion are established in Sheffield, but
> those invisible borders are kept secret. The aim of this map is to
> provide you with some insights into these invisible borders.
> It was put together by the Sheffield No Borders Group as part of the
> Make Borders History Campaign. We are engaged in solidarity and support
> of migrants and refugees threathened by detention and deportation and
> we are lobbying for an end to all immigration controls and a world
> without borders. We are part of the world-wide no-border network that
> has been working for years against rascism, for open borders and
> trans-national solidarity.
> You can conntact Sheffield no borders
> sheffield-noborders at lists.aktivix.org
> make borders history campaign
> http://www.makebordershistory.org
> no border network
> http://www.noborder.org"
> Ben, and others, please
> try to fit it in, let me know if it is too long...and doubble check on
> spelling and grammar please....
> suggestions are welcome to change the text...
> I'll post the Point of interest discriptions for the map in a seperate
> mail...
> there is a feature online on Indymedia of the borders action....
> http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/sheffield/2005/10/324905.html
> see you later
> fabian
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