[sheffield-noborders] Lindholme point of interest

fabian fab at in-no.org
Wed Oct 5 08:50:02 BST 2005

this is to add to the list of points of interest

Lindholme Detention Centre - A prision for the innocent

Lindholme Detention centre is a wing of HMP Lindholme, near Doncaster, 
South Yorkshire, run by the prison service. It holds up to 112 men aged 
21 and over. A prison inspector’s report in April 2003 revealed that 
staff routinely imposed random strip-searches after visits. Detainees 
are also strip-searched on admission to the detention centre as a 
matter of routine, without any reason given. Staff at this former 
prison treat detainees as offenders, rather than recognising that they 
have not been convicted of any crime. There is a prison atmosphere, 
with detainees being made to wear prison clothes. Their own money is 
withheld from them, and channelled into prison-like “incentive 

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