[sheffield-noborders] 9th International IRM-Conference "Migration, Politics and Work"

thomas.geisen thomas.geisen at irm-trier.de
Mon Mar 16 21:03:24 GMT 2009

Dear Colleague

We would like to invite you to participate in the 9. International
IRM-Conference on "Migration, Politik und Arbeit/Migration, Politics
and Work". The conference takes place from Thursday, 25th of June, to
Saturday, 27th of June 2009 in Trier/Germany and Dudelange/Luxembourg.
The full programme is available under
 in German and English language. There is also available a formula to
register for the conference. 

The conference focusses on correlations of international migration,
politics, and labor and discusses questions of the formation and
regulation of labor migration in modern societies, of the
feminization of migration and labor against the background of the
global labor market, of varied forms and consequences of female labor
in the migrational context in various global regions, of structures,
in regards of social and labor policies, as well as of the relations
between the global labor market and migration. 

Beside others, the following speakers are participating in the
conference: Prof. Dr. Helma Lutz (Frankfurt University), Prof. Dr.
Dirk Hoerder (Arizona University USA), Prof. Dr. Sylvia Hahn
(Salzburg University), Prof. Dr. Ton van Naerssen (Nijmegen
University NL), Dr. Bridget Anderson (Oxford University UK), Dr.
Patrik Taran (ILO Genf), Dr. Norbert Cyrus (Hamburger Institut for
Social Research), and Prof. Dr. Ueli Mäder (Basel University and
University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland).

We would like to welcome you at our conference. And also, we would
like to ask you to postpone this message to your colleagues
interested in the topics which are going to be discussed at our
conference, as well as to email-lists and newsletters relevant to the
topic. Thank you very much for your support! For further questions
please get in touch with: IRM-Konferenz2009 at irm-trier.de
<mailto:IRM-Konferenz2009 at irm-trier.de>

With kindest regards

Dr. Thomas Geisen 

  Institut für Regional- und Migrationsforschung (IRM) e.V.


  contact at irm-trier.de

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