[sheffield-noborders] draft gathering programme

Shiar shiar at riseup.net
Fri Sep 11 12:52:50 BST 2009


So No Borders London are hosting the next UK-wide No Borders gathering, to
be held on 10-11th Oct.

We have drafted a provisional programme for the weekend, which you can
find on the wiki:

As proposed at a workshop at the Calais camp, we are sending the programme
to all regional groups beforehand to discuss amongst themselves and come
to the gathering a bit more prepared, so that we don't waste a lot of time
repeating the same things and so that discussions/proposals reflect the
views/consensus of as many people as possible, given that not everyone can
make it to the gatherings.

So please forward this to you local list (if we haven't already) and
discuss amongst your group and, where appropriate, try to reach consensus
or a common view as a group, so that views/ideas/proposals reflect, as
much as possible, those of the group rather an individual who 'can't
really speak for the rest of the group who're not here'.

If you want to suggest any changes to the programme or make any big
proposals at the gathering, please do that on this list well in advance so
that other groups get a chance to discuss it amongst themselves too.

We are also asking groups to prepare their updates/report-backs beforehand
and agree on who's gonna do it. If Bristol peeps could also prepare a
concise recap on the last gathering, that would be great.

There's a sort of consensus in the NB London group that gatherings should
be more about exchanging information and views and discussing common,
UK-wide issues and strategies and less about making 'national' decisions
that never get implemented because different groups have different
priorities and different ways of doing things. The programme sort of
reflects this view but perhaps this's also something to discuss?

Finally, we are thinking of organising some sort of protest (to be
announced later) on the Friday before, Oct 9th. So if people would like to
arrive earlier (around 1-2pm) to join that, they're most welcome.

See you all soon xx

on behalf of No Borders London

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