[Ssf] Indymedia Film Festival 12 - 14 Nov

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Thu Nov 4 20:44:39 GMT 2004

Indymedia Film Festival    12 -14 November

Sheffield Indymedia [1] is hosting a fringe documentary festival
showcasing a range of new and topical activist films including the
Northern premiere of the epic documentary "XXI Century" [2].

>From Friday 12th November to Sunday 14th November Sheffield Indymedia
will be hosting alt.doc.fest at Sheffield Independent Film, 5 Brown
Street just along from the Showroom Cinema & Bar.

A new seven-part documentary, "XXI Century", will see its premiere in
the North of England accompanied by the directors who will present
their film. "XXI Century" focuses on recent world events beginning
with the election of George Bush in 2000 and includes interviews and
discussions with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Gore Vidal, Greg Palast of
BBC and The Guardian, Katha Pollitt of The Nation, Amy Goodman of
Democracy Now, Emily Reinhard of Indymedia, and Danny Schechter of

Other highlights of alt.doc.fest include "4th World War" [3], "In
Whose Interest" [4], "Kilometer Zero" and "Outfoxed" [5].

Entry is by donations and all proceeds will go to the UK Indymedia
Server Appeal and Sheffield Indymedia.

UK Indymedia is a network of individuals, independent and alternative
media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate,
non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.

For more details including a full timetable of film screenings see the
feature on Sheffield Indymedia [1].

[1] http://indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/sheffield/2004/10/300316.html
[2] http://www.thecatsdream.com/productions/xxi/index.php
[3] http://www.bignoisefilms.com/4ww/
[4] http://www.inwhoseinterest.org/
[5] http://www.outfoxed.org/

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