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2 % Human adam at diamat.org.uk
Sun Nov 7 02:30:34 GMT 2004

Hi Lists,

I went to Sharrow last Thursday night and met with folk from the Social 
Forum. It was nice, for once, to go to a meeting in Sheffield and not to 
be accosted by paper-sellers.

People there, used to the set up of the Social Forum, explained that 
there is no one agenda / mission statement. In practice, specific 
projects splinter-off from the larger group and do there own thing.
They also explained the idea of an providing an *Open Space* for people 
to meet and formulate their ideas ... erm, and just to chat.

There were others there, like myself who had turned up on spec. There 
was a student from France who is working for a Derbyshire Company ... 
The Company is axing its staff and he's picked up the challace to defend 
their employment rights ... He came to try and get help and just to have 
a general nosey ... He's active in Indymedia and Social Forums in France 
I think.

There was a women who had picked up a leaflet in her local library 
advertising the event. She had rang around her mates to find if they 
knew anything about the Forum. She suggested that if the event was 
better advertised then they would be better attended. She expressed 
frustration at the present state of affairs and is seeking to engage in 
something that would make a difference. I share this frustration.

I explained to the group that I had come along for a general nosey and 
to try and cook an half-baked idea : Project Fallujah [a]

A few folk said "cool; we'll try to help", one man said "that's a 
cracking idea; go for it" ... so there being no time like the present, I 

I'm going to get the ball rolling now with a few emails. I'll cross-post 
them to both the Forum list and the Anti-War List. Depending on the take 
up of help, it may be an idea to set up a separate list.

2 %

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Subject: [sheffield-anti-war-coalition] International Links : Fallujah
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 14:39:21 +0000
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Could you please forward this email to the Sheffield International
Linking Committee.


I note from your web site that one of the aims of your committee is to
maximise publicity for international activities and events [1] and I
would like to propose that you consider twining our City with that of
Fallujah in Iraq.

I understand that enquiries should be directed to the Secretary or the
Deputy Secretary in the first instance. Could you please provide me with
the Names and Contact Information of these Officers as the information
on your web site appears to be out dated.



[1] http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/facts-figures/twinning-links/silc


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