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2 % Human adam at diamat.org.uk
Sun Nov 7 04:35:11 GMT 2004

Hi Helen, Chris, Ian

I write to ask for your help. I would like Sheffield Council to consider
twinning our city with Fallujah. [a]

The request is borne from the frustration felt in watching the on-going
atrocities and a cry for some kind positive intervention.

What is happening in Fallujah presently, and what we are lead to believe
is about to have happened, is enough to drive a sane person to despair.
Our country has a long history of occupying territories and many of us
foresee civil unrest in Fallujah for many, many years to come.

As an occupying force, Britain has a duty of care. It / We have a duty
that extends passed military intervention and in to the Civil sphere. I
suggest Sheffield takes the lead in this duty and make it clear to the
people of Fallujah that we care.

Please get in touch if you are able to help.


I have cross-posted this email to the Sheffield Social Forum and the
Sheffield Anti-War list where I have tabled this idea and requested help


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Subject: [sheffield-anti-war-coalition] International Links : Fallujah
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Could you please forward this email to the Sheffield International
Linking Committee.


I note from your web site that one of the aims of your committee is to
maximise publicity for international activities and events [1] and I
would like to propose that you consider twining our City with that of
Fallujah in Iraq.

I understand that enquiries should be directed to the Secretary or the
Deputy Secretary in the first instance. Could you please provide me with
the Names and Contact Information of these Officers as the information
on your web site appears to be out dated.



[1] http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/facts-figures/twinning-links/silc


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