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Sylvia Dunkley Sylvia.D at btinternet.com
Mon Nov 8 11:00:58 GMT 2004

Hello Adam

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.  I understand the City's twinning 
officer is to be approached to see whether your suggestion can be taken 

Cllr Sylvia Dunkley

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> Hi Kate, Sylvia, Roger
> I write to ask for your help. I would like Sheffield Council to consider
> twinning our city with Fallujah. [a]
> The request is borne from the frustration felt in watching the on-going
> atrocities and a cry for some kind positive intervention.
> What is happening in Fallujah presently, and what we are lead to believe
> is about to have happened, is enough to drive a sane person to despair.
> Our country has a long history of occupying territories and many of us
> foresee civil unrest in Fallujah for many, many years to come.
> As an occupying force, Britain has a duty of care. It / We have a duty
> that extends passed military intervention and in to the Civil sphere. I
> suggest Sheffield takes the lead in this duty and make it clear to the
> people of Fallujah that we care.
> Please get in touch if you are able to help.
> --
> Adam
> I have cross-posted this email to the Sheffield Social Forum and the
> Sheffield Anti-War list where I have tabled this idea and requested help
> already.
> http://www.sheffieldagainstwar.org.uk/
> http://www.sheffieldsocialforum.org/
> [a]
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> Hi,
> Could you please forward this email to the Sheffield International
> Linking Committee.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> I note from your web site that one of the aims of your committee is to
> maximise publicity for international activities and events [1] and I
> would like to propose that you consider twining our City with that of
> Fallujah in Iraq.
> I understand that enquiries should be directed to the Secretary or the
> Deputy Secretary in the first instance. Could you please provide me with
> the Names and Contact Information of these Officers as the information
> on your web site appears to be out dated.
> Regards
> --
> Adam
> [1] http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/facts-figures/twinning-links/silc
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